Database Handicapping Software- JCapper JCapper Help Documents

Introduction To JCapper
Demo User Quick Start Guide
Installation Instructions
Troubleshooting JCapper Installs
Processing HDW Files with the HDW File Manager
Downloading Files with the JCapper File Downloader
Unzipping Files with the JCapper File Unzipper
Generating Past Performance Data Reports with the JCapper Past Performance Generator
Customizing JCapper output using The JCapper Enhanced Setting Module
Loading Race Cards With the JCapper Card Loader
Processing Scratches With the Manual Changes Module
Processing Scratches with the new Scratch Bot
JCapper Main Module- A General Overview
Foundations of Database Handicapping
Reading the Reports
The Live Play Module
Glossary of Supported Factors
Preset Filters
Dynamic Filters
Building JCapper Databases
Understanding the JCapper Data Window
Data Window Exports
Building A Trainer Specific UDM
Advanced Topics
Using The ImpactValues Table Interface to create UPR
Finding an Edge with JCapper
JCapper Website
Legal Disclaimer