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Youtube.com ("Robin Williams on Golf - Full Version")
Youtube.com ("Robin Williams - Viagra")
Youtube.com ("Danny Tanner Is Not Gay" - Bob Saget)
Youtube.com (A Cialis Commercial Starring Cuba Gooding Jr)
Youtube.com (Goodbyetothenormals)
Break.com (How to take a shower)
Youtube (George Carlin - 7 Words You Can't Say On Television)
Youtube.com (George Carlin - The Hippy Dippy Weatherman)
Youtube (George Carlin - The Ten Commandments)
RedSox.wmv (Keep watching. It gets pretty funny near the end.)
CopperClappers.wmv (Johhny Carson and Jack Webb - Classic Stuff)

A while back, Hdcper emailed me a handful of "Billboards." It looks like they originally came from www.dribbleglass.com To see some of their billboards, and other stuff, check out their site at the above link.

Heard a good one lately? Send it in to me at jeff.platt@jcapper.com. If I post it here, you won't win anything. But if it's good enough, I will post it here.

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