Comma Delimited Text Past Performance Data Files from JCapper and HDW

Comma Delimited Text Past Performance Data Files from JCapper and HDW.

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Comma Delimited Text Past Performance Data Files from JCapper and HDW... a cost effective alternative to Brisnet, TrackMaster, or the Daily Racing Form.

All versions of JCapper enable you to create your own comma delimited text past performance data files populated with HDW data.

How it works:

Download past performance data and chart results files from HDW (Handicappers Data Warehouse.) The race files that you download arrive on your hard drive in a binary format. The chart files arrive in a comma delimited text format.

Running the file build routine is simple and straightforward: Point JCapper at the folder where you are saving files downloaded from HDW. Pick a start date and an end date from a calendar control and click a "go" button. JCapper does the rest. The Interface scans the specified folder on your hard drive and finds the binary HDW race files that match your specified date range. The Interface uses them as the data source - and EXPORTS comma delimited text past performance data files populated with HDW data (file extension .JCP) onto your specified folder.

The .JCP file format is comma delimted text, 1435 data fields per horse record, and is nearly identical to the file format of the Brisnet Single Format Data File (file extension .DRF), the Brisnet Multicaps File (file extension .MCP), and the old TSN Procaps File (file extension .PCS.)

Field mapping documentation for all JCapper program output (including .JCP files) is published for JCapper customers in the password protected area of the JCapper message board. Field mapping documentation is available to prospective JCapper customers upon request.

Key differences between HDW-JCapper comma delimited text past performance data files and Brisnet files:

• As a JCapper customer, you have some flexibility in customizing (through settings persisted in JCapper's Enhanced Settings Module) a few of the data items inserted into your .JCP files.

• You get HDW's PSR (Projected Speed Rating) instead of Prime Power. PSR has a similar win rate to Prime Power. However, large sample database studies indicate the top ranked PSR horse in each race returns a higher flat win bet roi than the top ranked Prime Power horse in each race.

• The speed and pace figs inserted into .JCP files are HDW speed and pace figs. (These high quality figs and are seen by fewer pairs of eyes each day than their Brisnet counterparts.)

• Rider and trainer names come directly from Equibase instead of DRF (Example: the Equibase-HDW name for Mike Smith is SMITH MIKE whereas the DRF name for Mike Smith is SMITH, MIKE D.)

• JCapper comes with a module called the HDW File Mgr. All versions of JCapper Build 198 and later enable you to automate the entire file download experience.

I've set mine up so that all I do is double-click a desktop shortcut that causes the app to download today's binary race files, unzip them, load them into memory, and export today's .JCP files out onto my hard drive. (I have a second desktop shortcut that does the same thing for current month chart result files that I don't already have.)
--Jeff Platt

Data Plan Descriptions and HDW Sign Up Info -CLICK HERE-

Sample Comma Delimited Text .JCP Files
Because JCapper .JCP past performance data files are comma delimited text (1435 data fields per horse record) they are compatible not just with JCapper but with many of the handicapping software apps and spreadsheets currently in use.

The following download link will get you a free weekend of .JCP files (courtesy of HDW) so that you can test and verify whether or not .JCP files are compatible with a third party app or spreadhseet you might be using:
Sample .JCP Files - Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Keep in mind that some of the data fields inserted into JCP files can be customized by the user. Also keep in mind that the files have a file extension of ."JCP" and you will likely have to change the file extension to get your app or spreadsheet to recognize them.

For sign up info or to learn more about the JCapper Flex Plan from HDW: -click here-

JCapper Silver  
FREE Copy of JCapper Silver
HDW Enabled Version
This is a true database enabled intermediate level handicapping program. JCapper Silver includes selected factors from the proprietary JCapper factor set, many of the JCapper modules including Scratch Bot, The SQL Mode Enabled Data Window, the HDW File Manager and (Professional) HDW File Download Tool -- Plus the ability to create your own comma delimited text .JCP past performance data files and comma delimited text results files that are not just JCapper compatible - but compatible with many other handicapping apps and spreadsheets too!
For a complete product description -CLICK HERE-

HDW JCapper Silver and JCapper BASIC Data Plans

HDW (Handicappers Data Warehouse) offers both a Daily Flex Plan and a Monthly Unlimited File Download Plan to JCapper customers.

JCapper (Daily) Flex Plan:
For Info About the JCapper Flex Plan: -click here-

Monthly Unlimited File Download Plan:
For a limited time HDW is offering unlimited file downloads, both past performance data and text chart result files, for all thoroughbred races run in North America, at the Special Introductory Price of $89.00 per month to JCapper Silver and JCapper BASIC customers.

To Sign Up, contact HDW directly:

HDW Inc.
100 Farmers Bank Square
Suite 120
Georgetown, Ky 40324

phone: 502-570-0333

As a JCapper Registered Program Owner, you now have a choice when it comes to data providers... Consider signing up for this plan.

Back HDW JCapper Data

HDW now has back JCapper data available from 1/1/2009 going forward. Data is sold in one month blocks. Each one month block gets you data and results for all thoroughbred races run in North America that month.

JCapper Silver and JCapper BASIC data pricing: $89.00 per month, 10% bulk discount for purchases of 6 or more months at a time.

JCapper Platinum data pricing: $119.00 per month, 10% bulk discount for purchases of 6 or more months at a time.

Q. What are the differences in file content between HDW JCapper Platinum and HDW JCapper Silver data plans?

A. None. Data files downloaded from HDW are identical for JCapper Platinum and JCapper Silver data subscribers.

Pricing differences between the two data plans are based entirely on what the Platinum program does with the data vs. what the Silver program can do.

Q. Does a JCapper Silver Data Plan subscriber lose his data (have to start over) in the event he later (a year or two in) decides to upgrade to JCapper Platinum?

A. No. After upgrading, the Platinum program can be used to rebuild Silver databases from scratch -- converting them into Platinum databases.

To purchase back HDW JCapper data, contact HDW directly. (see HDW contact info listed above.)

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The Story of JCapper


My name is Jeff Platt. I'm an independent software developer. That means I design, test, and create software for a living. I have been doing this since 1987. I have done web enabled projects for Fortune 500 companies like American Express, Verizon Wireless, STMicroelectronics, Trammell-Crowe, and others. I have done work for small clients too. I got my start in programming by designing and coding an accounting information system for a group that owned car dealerships. I mention my programming backround as a way of letting you know that when it comes to software and databases I might know a thing or two about what I'm doing...    |Continued...|

UDMs - Framework and Style

A UDM or User Defined Model is an electronic definition, stored for frequent use, that describes a handicapping method in exact detail. In JCapper, users can create UDMs for specific tracks, distances, surfaces, and classes. UDMs can also be created to exploit the patterns of specific trainers, riders, and owners. Users can set factor constraints using rank, numeric value, and gap for any of the individual factors supported by JCapper. UDM definitions can be created using any of the factors in combination with each other. A UDM can be as as generic or as specific as the player desires.

A well thought out UDM is a thing of beauty and a true reflection of the player's preferred individual handicapping style.    |Continued...|

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