JCapper Silver Product Description

JCapper Silver Product Description

Genuine JCapper Software at an Affordable Price.

JCapper Silver
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JCapper Silver  
JCapper Silver                         LOOK!

This is an intermediate to advanced level program that includes selected parts (but not all) of the JCapper factor set, and many (but not all) of the features described on the JCapper Message Board and Videos.

If you've been looking for a way to break into database handicapping at an affordable price - this program is it!

JCapper Silver   Genuine JCapper software at an affordable price...

Comma Delimited Data and Results File Export   LOOK!
Many intermediate to advanced level players run several handicapping programs concurrently.
  • JCapper Silver includes a data file export utility that creates comma delimited text data files, 1435 data fields per record, populated with HDW data, in a format compatible with most of the popular handicapping programs and spreadsheets currently in use.

  • JCapper Silver also includes a results file export routine that creates comma delimited text results files (127 data fields per record) delivered in a format compatible with most of the popular programs and spreadsheets currently in use.
As a JCapper Silver HDW Data Plan Subscriber you will be able to generate industry standard comma delimited text data and results files (populated with HDW Data) that are compatible with other programs and spreadsheets.

General Inquiries:
Jeff Platt
853 Hornblend Street
Mail Suite #303
San Diego, CA 92109




JCapper Silver will improve your game and make you a better player.
  • JCapper Silver contains selected parts of (but not all) of the JCapper factor set.
    JCapper's factor set is a direct result of the tens of thousands of man hours I've devoted to research and development of handicapping factors and algorithms - a decades long journey that began for me in 1981. JCapper's factor set is unique. You'll find numbers and factors in JCapper that are available nowhere else.

    All aspects of the game are covered in JCapper Silver: Early speed, late speed, pace matchup, run style, form, fitness, workouts, class, ability from speed figs, trainer intent, breeding, abilities and tendencies of the horse's human connections, betting tendencies of the betting public, track weight, a comprehensive power rating called SilverRating, inherent chaos in the race at hand, and accurate probability algorithms.

  • Databases - JCapper Silver will enable you to build databases at the click of a button using your own data and results files as the source.

  • SQL Mode Enabled Data Window - Perform your own research by executing SQL queries against data stored in Access tables. Discover what is and isn't working at specific tracks, surfaces, distances, race types, and incremental odds ranges.

  • PlaylistFile Mode Enabled Data Window - Perform your own research by running Data Window queries against data stored in comma delimited text files. Slower than running in SQL Mode - However, you don't need to know a thing about SQL, databases, or programming. Virtually all the paramters of your queries are generated using your mouse to click buttons and select factors from drop downs. The queries take a little longer to run this way - Again, absolutely no knowledge of SQL or programming whatsoever is required. JCapper's Data Window interface empowers YOU to discover what is and isn't working at specific tracks, surfaces, distances, race types, and incremental odds ranges.

    Something remarkable happens to players who work with the Data Window: They continually learn new things about this game.

  • Data Window Exports - Export JCapper data to tables in Access. From there, use JCapper to generate comprehensive reports for Trainers, Riders, and Owners. Track Profiles too. Many JCapper users even work with their data outside of JCapper - further manipulating it using tools like Access or Excel.

  • Customizable SQL Mode HTML Report - JCapper Silver comes with the JCapper SQL Mode Factor Setup Wizard - giving you an interface that lets you create your own HTML Report. Drop factors onto the report layout where you want them to appear on the report. Apply CSS styles to data items you want emphasized. Sort the horses on the report using any JCapper factor from the Setup Wizard. Sort the races on the report by post time, field size, or track, etc. Limit your report so that it only shows you races meeting criteria YOU decide on... for example, turf races where field size is >= 10... provided you like turf races with big fields.

    Whatever criteria you decide on: The interface puts you in complete control.

  • UDMs - Create spot play definitions based on the best ideas from your own research. In JCapper each spot play is called a User Defined Model or UDM. On race day JCapper evaluates every horse running against the stored rules for each of your active UDMs. Horses that fit your UDM Definitions are clearly marked on concise reports so that you can:

    Put your focus where it needs to be: On your UDM horses. This one aspect will bring discipline to your game. In my experience discipline is the single most common trait separating the tiny percentage of winning players from the masses of losing players. Winning players have it... and losing players don't.

  • Finding an Edge - This one Help Doc will open your eyes. It is the culmination of all other JCapper Help Docs and Podcasts. It explains in plain English how to use JCapper to find a proven mathematical edge. The concepts of hidden and obvious positives are introduced. After reading it you will understand why they are critical for success in pari-mutuel race betting. A step by step detailed example is presented that gives the beginning (and advanced) player a proven documented method for creating successful UDMs.

  • Scratches and Changes - JCapper provides three separate modules for handling scratches and changes. Scratch Bot is internet enabled. Download scratches and races taken off the turf in real time right from the web. Scratch Parser is internet enabled. Download early scratches directly from BRIS. Manual Changes Module is a simple manual interface where you can scratch horses and make surface/distance changes. Yes, scratches and changes can be frustrating... but JCapper lets you handle them as pain free as possible.

  • Are you already a winning player? - Then why not use JCapper to improve your bottom line? If your primary source of plays comes from another program (or a pencil and the DRF) then run your plays through a JCapper database broken out by JCapper factors. You'll find sets of plays that are costing your money. Even if the only thing you ever do with JCapper is use it as a tool to identify (and eliminate) losing categories from plays you are already making - that alone will make a difference to your own bottom line.
Let me know of your Intent to Purchase:   Click HERE.

JCapper Silver "HDW Only" User License:   FREE

The JCapper Silver software is FREE when you become a JCapper Silver HDW monthly data subscriber. Under a JCapper Silver "HDW Only" User License, JCapper Silver will only run using the following data and results files:
  1. HDW JCapper Data File
  2. HDW JCapper Text Charts Results File

JCapper Silver "Dual Data" User License:   $97.00

With the purchase of a JCapper Silver "Dual Data" User License, JCapper Silver will run using your choice of the following data and results files:
  1. HDW JCapper Data File
  2. HDW JCapper Text Charts Results File
  3. Brisnet.com .DRF Single Format Data File
  4. Brisnet.com .MCP Multicaps Data File
  5. Brisnet.com .XRD Exotic Results File

The HDW JCapper Silver Data Plan

HDW, Inc. and JCapper.com have teamed up to offer a monthly HDW Data subscription plan to JCapper Silver customers for a limited time Special Introductory Price of $89.00 per month.

This monthly data subscription plan includes unlimited file downloads, both data and results, for all thoroughbred tracks in North America.

HDW contact info:

HDW Inc.
100 Farmers Bank Square
Suite 120
Georgetown, Ky 40324

phone: 502-570-0333
email: HDWInc@gmail.com

As a JCapper Registered Program Owner, you now have a choice when it comes to data providers... Consider signing up for this plan.

Back HDW JCapper Data

HDW now has back JCapper data available from 1/1/2009 going forward. Data is sold in one month blocks. Each one month block gets you data and results for all thoroughbred races run in North America that month.

JCapper Silver data pricing: $89.00 per month, 10% bulk discount for purchases of 6 or more months at a time.

JCapper Platinum data pricing: $119.00 per month, 10% bulk discount for purchases of 6 or more months at a time.

Q. What are the differences in file content between HDW JCapper Platinum and HDW JCapper Silver data plans?

A. None. Data files downloaded from HDW are identical for JCapper Platinum and JCapper Silver data subscribers.

Pricing differences between the two data plans are based entirely on what the Platinum program does with the data vs. what the Silver program can do.

Q. Does a JCapper Silver Data Plan subscriber lose his data (have to start over) in the event he later (a year or two in) decides to upgrade to JCapper Platinum?

A. No. After upgrading, the Platinum program can be used to rebuild Silver databases from scratch -- converting them into Platinum databases.

To purchase back HDW JCapper data, contact HDW directly. (see HDW contact info listed above.)

Mission Statement:

Taking a customer oriented approach to producing and supporting the very best thoroughbred handicapping software package available anywhere.

Very Best, defined:   "Very best" means things like innovation as a direct result of research. It means being first with cutting edge ideas. It means a factor set where the premier ratings in the program produce a verifiable flat win bet roi for the top ranked horses that is higher than that produced by counterpart factors found in programs marketed by competitors. It means commitment to excellence in all areas on a level that you will not find elsewhere. Ask any JCapper Registered Program Owner. Every one of them (to a person) will tell you the same thing: JCapper IS in fact the very best thoroughbred handicapping software package available anywhere.

What You Can Expect From Me as a JCapper Silver Registered Program Owner

1. A commitment, to the best of my ability, to make your JCapper ownership experience a thoroughly enjoyable one, and to continue to make JCapper into the very best handicapping program available.

2. A Registered Program Copy with your own unique userid and password.

3. Free download access to future program updates (as they become available) for your first year of program ownership.

4. Free download access to future Help Doc updates and Videos (as they become available) for a period of one year.

5. Individual Support from me to the best of my ability. As anyone will tell you, this includes phone support as well as email.

6. After the first year of program ownership, there will be a program renewal/update fee for continued access to new program updates, updated help docs, and new JCapper Videos. The cost for continued access to new JCapper Silver program updates, help docs, and videos is FREE to HDW JCapper Silver Data Plan subscribers. The JCapper Silver program renewal/update fee for non HDW data subscribers is $97.00 per year.

Important: The annual program renewal/update fee is waived for JCapper-HDW Data customers. As long as you remain a JCapper-HDW data subscriber and keep your account at HDW current and in good standing your annual JCapper program renewal/update is FREE and you will always be given access to the latest program updates, help docs, and videos as they become available.

Again, please keep me updated with your progress and let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

Thank You,

Jeff Platt
853 Hornblend Street
Mail Suite #303
San Diego, CA 92109



Key Differences between JCapper Silver and JCapper Platinum

JCapper Modules JCapper
Live Play Module N Y
Impact Values Table Interface N Y
Impact Values Table Wizard N Y
UPR Tools N Y

Main Module
HDW File Manager Y Y
File Downloader Y Y
File Unzipper Y Y
Card Loader Y Y
Manual Changes Module Y Y
Scratch Parser Y Y
Scratch Bot Y Y
Profile Marker Y Y
HTML Report Builder Y Y
HTML Report Viewer Y Y
Past Performance Generator Y Y
Help Doc Viewer Y Y
Data Folder Manager Y Y
Dutching Tool Y Y
Database Builder Y Y
Quick Index File Extract Tool Y Y
Data Window Y Y
Free Form Data Entry Sheet Y Y
Profile Table Interface Y Y
UDM Wizard Y Y
User Sys Defs Screen Y Y
SQL Mode Factor Setup Wizard Y Y

Top Tier JCapper Factors JCapper
Alchemy N Y
JPRClass N Y
PRating N Y
UserFactors N Y
BettorsToteProb N Y
E~BettorsToteProb N Y
Early Consensus N Y
Late Consensus N Y
Form Consensus N Y
Class Consensus N Y
Fig Consensus N Y
Power Consensus N Y
Opt Points N Y
StageReadiness N Y
QRating N Y
PScore 1 Y 1 Y 1
SilverRating Y Y

Basic JCapper Factors

Early Speed
Run Style Y Y
Speed Points Y Y
BestE2 Y Y
AvgE1 Y Y
V1 Y Y
CPace Y Y

Compound Pace Array
CompoundE1 Y Y
CompoundE2 Y Y
CompoundLate Y Y
CompoundAP Y Y
CompoundSP Y Y

Speed Figures
LastRaceSpeedFig Y Y
SpeedFig (Best 3) Y Y
SpeedFig (Best 10) Y Y
PaceLine Y Y
TPace Y Y
PaceFig Y Y
LateSlant Y Y
WeightedFig Y Y

Recent Activity Days Last Race Y Y
Recent Activity Days Last Work Y Y
FormCycle Y Y
SpeedCycle Y Y
NewPaceLow Y Y
NewPaceTop Y Y
BasicFitness Y Y
FormRating Y Y
Workout Brilliance Y Y

ClassRating Y Y
Consistency Y Y
PClass Y Y
RaceStrength Y Y

Rider Y Y
Owner Y Y
Trainer Y Y
XthStartRider Y Y
XthStartTrainer Y Y
CXNRating Y Y

Dam Y Y
Damssire Y Y
Sire Y Y
Siressire Y Y
Pedigree Rating Y Y

Equipment Y Y
Medication Y Y
AgeOfHorse Y Y
Sex Y Y
Lifetime Starts Y Y
Surface Y Y
Distance Y Y
Track Y Y
Field Size Y Y

Notes: The above is a partial factor list. All of the above can be used in Data Window queries and in UDMs.

1 Pscore in JCapper Platinum and PScore in JCapper Silver are different. PScore in JCapper Platinum is a better indicator for overlay potential than PScore in JCapper Silver.

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