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By Data Folder Structure for the coming New Year
10:29:56 AM
It's that time again. (Time to create folder structure for the coming new year.)

One of the things you NEVER want to do is mix and match files from different years on the same folder. The file names of data and results files that you download do not contain a year element.

If you fail to create (and use) folder structure for the new year:

Not only do you run the risk of overwriting 2020 files with 2021 files... But you also risk corrupting your 2020 databases in the event you run a db build using a 2020 data file and a 2021 results file (or vice versa) for file names involving the same track code, month, and day of month.

I (personally) use a single folder for each year with 4 separate sub folders (one per calendar quarter) and 2 additional sub folders (to facilitate breaking up my race day into multiple groups in the DFM Card Loader.)

My old 2020 folder structure looks like this:


My new 2021 folder structure looks like this:


As new files for 2021 become available for download - and for the first several days of the new year - I will be toggling back and forth between folders inside of the DFM - being EXTREMELY careful that all 2020 files are downloaded to my C:\2020\Q4_2020 folder - and that all 2021 files are downloaded to my C:\2021\Q1_2021 folder.

Mode 4 is the way to go the first time you run a build database on your new 2021 folder.

Use Mode 5 for each subsequent build on that folder thereafter.

The Easy Way to Create Folder Structure for each New Calendar Year:

Beginning with all versions of JCapper published 12-31-2017 and later:

The Data Folder Mgr contains a MENU item labeled “Create Data Folders for New Year” (without the quotes.)

Launch the DFM, click MENU, and select “Create Data Folders for New Year” (without the quotes.)

This will launch the Year End Folder Creation Tool.

From here, click the Create Data Folders for New Year button – then key in the 4 digit year for the new folder(s) you wish to create (for example "2021" without the quotes) and answer Yes at the confirmation prompt.

The interface will create a new set of folders for the 4 digit year you keyed in – and display a detailed confirmation message at the end.

Happy New Year Everyone,




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