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By Data Window Export - Quick Index Files Spanning Multiple Folders
4:54:06 PM

Jeff, What is the best way to create quick index files spanning multiple folders?

--end quote--

Suppose for the sake of argument that you have 2 folders, FolderA and FolderB, and that you want to create a quick index file that has data from both folders in it.

Data Window's Quick Index File Instructions:

1. With the Data Window in PlaylistFile Mode, point the Data Window at your first target folder - FolderA.

Click MENU, select Exports, and then select Quick Index File Create New File. Answer yes at the prompt to create a new file - and use the dialog box to provide the file name for your new file to the Data Window.

Note: Naming conventions require that the first 3 characters of the file name you provide be "pl_" (without the quote characters) and the last 4 characers be ".txt" (again without the quotes.)

2. Once you supply a file name you will toggle an export "on"... meaning that the very next Data Window query that you run will write data for every single one of the starters returned by your query results to a brand new file having the file name that you just supplied. You will see text confirming this behavior running across the top of the Data Window on the title bar.

3. Run an All Button Data Window query on FolderA - and the Data Window will create a new quick index file as part of its query routine.

4. Point the Data Window at your next target folder - FolderB.

5. Click MENU, select Exports, and then select Quick Index File Append to Existing.

a. Use the dialog box to navigate back to the previous folder where the quick index file created in step 3 above (the file that you want to append to) resides. Select the file by double clicking it to toggle the append export "on."

6. Run an ALL Button query on FolderB. The Data Window will append data from FolderB to the quick index file named in step 5a. above.

At this point you will have a quick index file sitting in FolderA that has data in from two folders: FolderA and FolderB.

If you want to make the file contain data from additional folders, repeat steps 4-6 above.



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9:23:07 PM
thanks jeff
I will give it a try

5:20:07 PM
Thread bumped per phone request.



8:19:25 PM
Bumped per email request...

Hint: One advantage of using the Data Window Exports MENU to drive quick index file creation over the original Quick Index File Extract Tool is that creating quick index files in the Data Window can be UDM driven - meaning that you get to control exactly what goes into a quick index file.



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