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By questions about udms
12:21:29 PM
jeff: i was able to create about 10 simple positive udm's (yeah!). but a few udm's i couldn't create were 1) jock switch to a high % jockey (i already have the jock angle of 15% or higher and j switch angle (general), but i am looking for switches to the top 6 jocks at a particular track--gp for instance. 2) how do i program the udm wizard to notify me of a turf workout after the horse's last race and before the current (today's) race. 3) you suggest combining a form rating of at least 70.5 along with the top 4 contenders from qrating. is qrating only available in jcapper platinum? if it is available in silver could you please tell me where it is? thanks as always for all of your help.

5:25:14 PM
JPR, JPRClass, QRating, etc. are Platinum factors. (Not Silver.)

To see a table showing what you get in Silver vs. Platinum, visit the JCapper Silver Product Description page, scroll down towards the bottom of the page, and look to the far right --

Link, here:




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