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By new features
8:44:47 AM
Jeff or anybody:
is there an article describing the new features? Also is it worthwhile to upgrade if NOT using sql? If any jcappers upgraded and use playlist please chime in. thanks rk
I posted this in the private forum also , to hopefully get an answer

12:30:14 PM
Each program update has its own Release Notes pdf doc that tells you What's New.

These are the two most recent for Platinum --

Program Update published 09-10-2017:

--Primary new features:

a. New Behaviors added to UPR Tools

b. Improved reporting of NEW changes in Scratch BOT

c. The JCX File Exports Module comes with a Data Transformations Tool that now has a What to Model Drop Down. (Allowing you to model the likelihood of 16 events other than simply being the race winner.)

d. The Data Window now allows you to customize Start Range and Interval for any factor in the Factors Drop Down. (Save your custom settings for any factor in the drop down for next time.)

e. The Data Folder Mgr, DFM Card Loader, HDW File Mgr, and HDW File Download Tool each now have new Menu items that enable you to save custom screen sizing of the module for next time.

Program Update published 05-23-2017:

--Primary new features:

a. Key Updates to the HDW File Mgr that enable you to use Command Line Switches to automate your HDW File Download experience.

b. A New Update to the HDW File Mgr for handling of coursetype and intsurface for races that involve hurdles and jumps.

c. New Key Updates to the SQL Factor Setup Tool, Main Module, and HTML Report Builder to fully enable factors LastOutE1, LastOutE2, and PaceLine to be a.) added to your SQL Factor Setup and b.) displayed on your SQL HTML Report.

Note that in previous published program versions of JCapper Build 198 these factors could be added to the SQL Factor Setup - but the HTML Report Builder had not (yet) been programmed to display LastOutE1, LastOutE2, and PaceLine on the SQL HTML Report.

d. New Key Updates to the JCapper (Stand Alone) Import Module. Starting with all versions of JCapper Platinum Build 198 published 05-23-2017 and later, the JCapper (Stand Alone) Import Module can be used to import user selected UDMs, user selected UPR GroupNames, and user selected ProbExpressions from a source JCapper.mdb file and written to a target JCapper.mdb file.

The JCapper (Stand Alone) Import Module can now be used to perform this new functionality separately from Program Installs. Meaning that the new JCapper (Stand Alone) Import Module can now be used to help you maintain multiple instances of JCapper.mdb files.

You can also tell what's been added to JCapper by looking at the new help docs on the Help Docs page at

For instance --

Automating HDW File Downloads:

Rider Changes Help Doc:

Prob Expressions Help Doc:

Creating MLR (Multi Logistic Regression) models in the JCapper Expression Builder:




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