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By Results in Report Viewer
4:23:00 PM
I do I get the results to show up on the calc races report?

10:50:52 AM
Here's a link to an older thread where you will find specific instructions:

From my post in that thread made on 3/11/2013 at 2:36:52 PM:

"Try this...

Launch the DFM Card Loader. Then, from inside the DFM Card Loader:

1. Click the CLEAR ALL - Folders 123 button and clear all loaded race card files from the program.

2. Select "JCapper .DAT File (*.dat)" from the file type drop down.

3. Click the File Filter Tool button and Launch the File Filter Tool. Then, in the File Filter Tool, select the desired race date, and make sure that "*.DAT" is the selected file type.

4. With the proper settings made in the File Filter Tool, click the APPLY button in the File Filter Tool. This will cause the interface to display all .DAT files for the desired race date in the file list box on the left hand side of the interface.

5. From here, drag and drop the desired .DAT files onto the appropriate folder list boxes for folders 1, 2, and 3.

6. With all of the desired .DAT files dragged and dropped onto the desired data folders, click the "SELECT ALL AND LOAD - Folder 123" button to load .DAT files into the program.

7. X-out of the DFM Card Loader and X-out of the DFM.

8. Run a Calc Races for each of your data folders...

Hint: No need to get scratches... That was already handled by the Database Builder when the .DAT files were created.

If you followed the above instructions you should see odds, finish positions, and mutuel payoffs on your HTML Report.

Important Reminder: Next time that you go to load card files into the program be sure to reset the file type back to "HDW .JCP File (*.jcp)" in the DFM Card Loader's file type drop down."
--end quote



7:16:36 PM
Thanks, Jeff


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