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By command line or script operation?
6:02:53 PM

I wondered if it is possible to automate the JCAPPER data download, calculations and updating the database at say 2am while I am sleeping? I can write a script in python or perl and pass what ever parameters that are needed. Just wondered.. Thank you!!



10:59:22 AM
It might possible using 3rd party automation software. (But I have not spent any time trying to do this.)

I don't think it is possible to accomplish using simple scripts - because JCapper's HDW File Mgr and Main Module are not (currently) programmed to respond to "switches" added to command prompts.

FYI, back in 2012, I did start a proof of concept project where I programmed the HDW File Mgr to recognize "switches" when it was launched using a command prompt.

Here's a link to a thread where this was discussed:

"One of the things I did earlier this summer was create a proof of concept project where the HDW File Manager could respond to command line switches.

The name of the .exe file for the HDW File Manager is HDWReader.exe and it is found on the c:\JCapper\Exe folder.

When you launch the HDW File Manager with a button click from the Main Module, the button click event that launches this or any other module causes Windows to perform the same task as if you had navigated to the c:\JCapper\Exe folder and manually typed in the name of the module's .exe file - in this case the characters "HDWReader.exe" (without the quotes) from a DOS command line.

From there, once the module launches, you have to use the module's user interface (buttons, drop downs, calendar controls, etc.) to tell it what you want it to do.

But imagine if the HDWReader.exe module were programmed to respond to "switches." A switch being additional characters embedded in the command line used to launch the module.

For example, what if you launched the module using the following command line?

"HDWReader.exe /T1" (without the quotes.)

And what if the module were programmed to recognize the switch "/T1" (without the quotes) and react to it by:

1. queuing up data files for today's races.

2. queuing up chart files for yesterday's races.

3. downloading both (and committing a list of downloaded files to memory.)

4. running JCP and XRD file build routines for the list of downloaded files.

And what if there were no "Done." message boxes that you had to click through along the way?... Except maybe a "Done." message box at the very end after steps 1-4 above had been performed?

If the HDW File Manger could be programmed to do the above - and it can - then the entire file download and file build process could be executed as a single (macro) operation instead of a dozen or more (micro) operations."
--end quote

All of that said - I never completed the programming for this.

I got as far as getting the module to recognize the fact that it had been launched using a command prompt that included a switch - and decided to stop there.

My decision to stop was based on how best to use the limited number of programming hrs I have.

I decided that developing a WagerHistory Module and companion reporting engine would produce more bang for the buck roi-wise than any other unfinished JCapper project I had sitting in the pipeline.

Since publishing the Manual Data Entry Screen and Reporting Engine for the WagerHistory Module I've been working on a number of other JCapper projects...

The ability to import .csv files downloaded from rebate houses/ADWs into the Wager History Module.

Situational Queries or Prob Expressions:


It's not that I don't want to enable automated downloads, calc races, and build database routines.

I think having that ability would be great.

It's that I only have a limited number of programming hrs to spend and I always seem to have something in the pipeline that promises more bang for the buck roi-wise.

I hope you can understand where I'm coming from.



6:20:08 PM
Hi Jeff,

How was Arizona? Thank you for your response!! I truly understand!!



12:35:28 PM
Arizona was great. I have a close friend Christie whose family owns a cattle ranch in a remote section of southern AZ.

On a coffee table in one of the guest houses there's this plate with a legend inscribed that says:

"Babacomari Ranch, where you can do nothing all day and relax afterwards."

And that was pretty much the plan for the days I was there.

However, the entire trip wasn't spent sitting round doing nothing.

On one of the Saturdays we got up before sunrise, took a drive up to Flagstaff, and from there took Hwy 180... that's the road that takes you to Grand Canyon National Park... No we didn't go there... but instead made a right hand turn at the AZ Snowbowl exit a few miles NW of town. From there we drove this steep and winding 2 lane road uphill through the forest to the parking lot at the Ski Lodge where we met up with a group from a hiking club we belong to.

From there we hit the trail that ascends Arizona's highest peak - Mt. Humphreys at 12,633 ft.

Links to a handful of pictures taken that day...

Me shortly after reaching the summit. If I look a bit worn out that's because I was. Of course I'm the one who carried the pack with the water in it:

My friend Christie upon reaching the summit. She's been hiking almost every weekend and wasn't worn out like I was.

Someone from the hiking club brought an Arizona Flag. A few members of the group with the flag with myself taking a knee:

Photo of a Geocache. That ammo box isn't exactly light and someone carried it up there. I opened it. Lots of cool stuff inside - including a log book which I signed:

Photo taken from above the treeline. Fall colors going off down in The Inner Basin far below:

Photo taken from the trail on the way up - looking back down the way we came. More fall colors going off:

Of course all good things must come to an end. Photo of a beach sunset taken upon my return home:




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