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By JCapper caluclate races macro (.exe)
9:53:28 AM
Everyday I spend 30 min just running everything necessary to calculate the days races. Since everything is the exact same everyday, it would seem a good place for a macro:

Open/login JCapper
File Download Tool
Synch to Disc
File Build Filter Tool
Apply Dates Buld Files
Card Loader
Clear Loaded Cards/Scratches
Find and Load ALL Cards (enter todays date)
Calculate Races
Numerous "Attempt auto recovery - YES")

Would something like this be possible using VBA (.exe)? IF so, anyone know someone familar with JCapper as well as VBA that could do this. I would be happy to pay a fair price.

12:32:45 PM
Although I haven't personally gone there... Quite a bit of it (but not all) should be doable using automation software.

One of the things I did earlier this summer was create a proof of concept project where the HDW File Manager could respond to command line switches.

The name of the .exe file for the HDW File Manager is HDWReader.exe and it is found on the c:\JCapper\Exe folder.

When you launch the HDW File Manager with a button click from the Main Module, the button click event that launches this or any other module causes Windows to perform the same task as if you had navigated to the c:\JCapper\Exe folder and manually typed in the name of the module's .exe file - in this case the characters "HDWReader.exe" (without the quotes) from a DOS command line.

From there, once the module launches, you have to use the module's user interface (buttons, drop downs, calendar controls, etc.) to tell it what you want it to do.

But imagine if the HDWReader.exe module were programmed to respond to "switches." A switch being additional characters embedded in the command line used to launch the module.

For example, what if you launched the module using the following command line?

"HDWReader.exe /T1" (without the quotes.)

And what if the module were programmed to recognize the switch "/T1" (without the quotes) and react to it by:

1. queuing up data files for today's races.

2. queuing up chart files for yesterday's races.

3. downloading both (and committing a list of downloaded files to memory.)

4. running JCP and XRD file build routines for the list of downloaded files.

And what if there were no "Done." message boxes that you had to click through along the way?... Except maybe a "Done." message box at the very end after steps 1-4 above had been performed?

If the HDW File Manger could be programmed to do the above - and it can - then the entire file download and file build process could be executed as a single (macro) operation instead of a dozen or more (micro) operations.

Just so you guys know, I did start work on the above project. I did have to put it on the shelf as this summer has found me with a constant parade of family/guests here on vacation from all over - and very little free time for new programming as a result. But I do intend to pick this up again after labor day.

At the very least, I would like to automate my own daily processes:

a. file download

b. JCP file build

c. XRD file build

d. build database

And get things to the point where all of the above can be executed with a single mouse click (or a single DOS command.)



~Edited by: jeff  on:  8/18/2012  at:  12:32:45 PM~

9:14:07 AM
A single click to download and calculate all the current day's races would save me over 100 hours a year! Look forward to your progress later this year.

7:39:18 PM
I too spend quite a bit of time each day doing repetitive tasks.

Most all of what you listed along with quite a bit of time devoted to modifying .JCP files after I run the days races through some Excel filters.

I took a long look at this, and thought it would work quite well for what I wanted to do.

As so many of projects tend to end up, I put it on my "to do" list and have never found the time to explore the possibilities.

I am a Data Window junkie.



11:31:30 AM
Take a look at jitbit MacroRecorder ($40). Free trial.

I am close to getting the automation I need (still working on it) - if you use jitbit try to use tab key and arrows as much as possible rather than navigating with mouse


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