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By Preset Filters - Preset Filter Tool
2:11:37 PM

"Hey Jeff, Looking for a way to make a playlist file udm flag clean + turf debut horses only. Not seeing clean or turf debut as options in the udm wizard factors drop down. Help!"
--end quote

There's an area of the playlist file part of the program known as preset filters. If you are operating in playlist file mode (which happens to be the program default) you would need to add the right filter code to a UDM to make it flag or avoid a given category of horse.

To get started, once you have the UDM brought up in the UDM Wizard, select FILTERS from the factors drop down and then click the Preset Filter Tool button. You would work the preset filter tool to arrive at the appropriate filter code(s) which can then be persisted to the UDM Definition. I've posted explicit instructions for working the preset filter tool here:

There is a help doc for preset filters here at this link:

Here's a link to a thread on the JCap msg board where someone in the JCapper user community posted a search-able compilation of relevant filter codes:

Once you understand how to work the preset filter tool, it's just a matter of adding the appropriate filter codes to a UDM. The filter codes that apply to the areas you asked about are as follows:

Negative/Positive Characteristics:
CANRUN require CANRUN profile/avoid CANTRUN profile
CANTRUN require CANTRUN profile/avoid CANRUN profile
CLEAN avoid DIRTY horses
DIRTY avoid CLEAN horses
NASTY require XFORM-CANTRUN horses
PCTDRTYMAX000 avoid Percent Dirty > 0
PCTDRTYMAX095 avoid Percent Dirty > 95
PCTDRTYMIN005 avoid Percent Dirty < 5
PCTDRTYMIN100 avoid Percent Dirty < 100
TOSSIN avoid TOSSOUT Profile
TOSSOUT require TOSSOUT Profile
XFORM avoid YFORM horses
YFORM avoid XFORM horses

Turf Debut / Avoid Surface:
TDEBUT= require turf debut
TDEBUT_X avoid turf debut
TURFDEBUTMAX00 avoid turf debut count > 0
TURFDEBUTMAX12 avoid turf debut count > 12
TURFDEBUTMIN00 avoid turf debut count < 0
TURFDEBUTMIN12 avoid turf debut count < 12
XTS avoid turf sprint

related... Route Debut:
RDEBUT= require route debut
RDEBUT_X avoid route debut
ROUTEDEBUTMAX00 avoid route debut count > 0
ROUTEDEBUTMAX12 avoid route debut count > 12
ROUTEDEBUTMIN00 avoid route debut count < 0
ROUTEDEBUTMIN12 avoid route debut count < 12

Hope I managed to answer your questions in a way that makes sense,




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