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By Locating Factors in Preset Filter Tool
12:54:03 AM
Hi Jeff,

Is there an easy way to correlate a factor or a Special Filter in the data window, such as Track Condition, to the abbreviation in the Preset Filters ?

If not, a suggestion would be to put the abbreviation, or partial of the abbreviation, in the Data Window as I often have difficulty quickly finding the preset filters.

For example , Track Condition factors, begins with a TK in the Preset Filters and that would be handy to see in the Data window.


12:16:10 AM

DLander was kind enough to compile a spreadsheet listing the Preset Filters. I'll be giving it a once over sometime in the next couple of days. After that I plan to post a link to it in this thread so that JCapper users can download it.

Dale, THANK YOU!!!



1:46:14 AM
Thanks Tom, we will all benefit from your hard work!

11:44:09 AM
Thanks Dale !!!!

11:47:04 PM

Broke the Preset Filtersdown so I can search them quickly and thought it might benefit others. 

Note that the min and max values (if applicable) are included. All the values in between were omitted.

For example:

BFMAX00 avoid BasicFitness > 0

BFMAX30 avoid BasicFitness > 30

The values between the 0 and 30 are omitted but if you wanted to set the value to 10 then BFMAX10 would be used.

Hope it helps !!!

3 Yr Old
3O avoid 3yr old facing older

Basic Fitness
BFMAX00 avoid BasicFitness > 0
BFMAX30 avoid BasicFitness > 30
BFMIN00 avoid BasicFitness < 0
BFMIN30 avoid BasicFitness < 30

Beaten lengths
2CALLLENMAX00 avoid 2nd call last start len > 0
2CALLLENMAX15 avoid 2nd call last start len > 15
2CALLLENMIN00 avoid 2nd call last start len < 0
2CALLLENMIN15 avoid 2nd call last start len < 15

EQU0 avoid horses with no equipment change today
EQU1 avoid Blinkers On today
EQU2 avoid Blinkers Off today
EQU3 require horses with no equipment change today
EQU4 require Blinkers On today
EQU5 require Blinkers Off today

Boxcar Angles
ANGLE_A= require Angle A
ANGLE_B= require Angle B
ANGLE_BB3= require Angle BB3
ANGLE_BW2= require Angle BW2
ANGLE_ES= require Angle ES
ANGLE_HC= require Angle HC
ANGLE_UFI= require UFI w/A B BB3 or BW2
ANGLE_A_X avoid Angle A
ANGLE_B_X avoid Angle B
ANGLE_BB3_X avoid Angle BB3
ANGLE_BW2_X avoid Angle BW2
ANGLE_ES_X avoid Angle ES
ANGLE_HC_X avoid Angle HC
ANGLE_UFI_X avoid UFI w/A B BB3 or BW2

Bris Figs
1HLFG avoid top field 1/2 Bris Fig Last Race
2HLFG avoid bot field 1/2 Bris Fig Last Race
1HLFL avoid top field 1/2 Bris Fig Best 10
2HLFL avoid bot field 1/2 Bris Fig Best 10
B3RANKMAX1 avoid Bris3 rank > 1
B3RANKMAX9 avoid Bris3 rank > 9
B3RANKMIN2 avoid Bris3 rank < 2
B3RANKMIN9 avoid Bris3 rank < 9
H50 avoid lastRaceBrisFig between 1 and 50
LRBF1 avoid rankForLastRaceBrisFig = 1
LRBF4 avoid rankForLastRaceBrisFig = 4
LRBF5+ avoid rankForLastRaceBrisFig >= 5
LRBF12+ avoid rankForLastRaceBrisFig >= 12
LRBFN30 avoid LastRaceBrisFig < 30
LRBFN70 avoid LastRaceBrisFig < 70
LRBFN75+ avoid LastRaceBrisFig >= 75
LRBFN100+ avoid LastRaceBrisFig >= 100
LRBFMIN80 avoid LastRaceBrisFig < 80
LRBFMIN100 avoid LastRaceBrisFig < 100
LRBFGAPNEGMAX020 avoid LRBF gap > -20
LRBFGAPNEGMAX001 avoid LRBF gap > -1
LRBFGAPMAX000 avoid LRBF gap > 0
LRBFGAPMAX020 avoid LRBF gap > 20
LRBFGAPNEGMIN100 avoid LRBF gap < -100
LRBFGAPNEGMIN001 avoid LRBF gap < -1
LRBFGAPMIN000 avoid LRBF gap < 0
LRBFGAPMIN020 avoid LRBF gap < 20
VSPARMAXNEG50 avoid Bris10 vs Par > -50
VSPARMAXNEG01 avoid Bris10 vs Par > -1
VSPARMAX00 avoid Bris10 vs Par > 0
VSPARMAX45 avoid Bris10 vs Par > 45
VSPARMINNEG50 avoid Bris10 vs Par < -50
VSPARMINNEG01 avoid Bris10 vs Par < -1
VSPARMIN00 avoid Bris10 vs Par < 0
VSPARMIN20 avoid Bris10 vs Par < 20

Call Positions
2CALLPOSMAX00 avoid 2nd call last start pos > 0
2CALLPOSMAX15 avoid 2nd call last start pos > 15
2CALLPOSMIN00 avoid 2nd call last start pos < 0
2CALLPOSMIN15 avoid 2nd call last start pos < 15

Class Rating
1HLFQ avoid top field 1/2 Class Rating
2HLFQ avoid bot field 1/2 Class Rating

Class/Purse Changes
CL30DN= require 30 pct drop in claiming price
CL30DNX avoid 30 pct drop in claiming price
CL30UP= require 30 pct rise in claiming price
CL30UPX avoid 30 pct rise in claiming price
CCR avoid class riser Class Shift Purse Value=1
CCS avoid class same Class Shift Purse Value=0
CCD avoid class dropper Class Shift Purse Value=2
CX avoid C moving to A,CO,N,G
CZ avoid A,CO,N,G moving to C

CMI1= require CMI rank = 1
CMI2+ avoid CMI rank >= 2
CMI9+ avoid CMI rank >= 9
CMIRANKMAX01 avoid CMI rank > 1
CMIRANKMAX10 avoid CMI rank > 10
CMIRANKMIN01 avoid CMI rank < 1
CMIRANKMIN10 avoid CMI rank < 10

BORE= require bore in/out LR or 2bk
BORE1= require bore in/out LR
BORE2= require bore in/out 2bk
BORE3= require bore in/out 3bk
BOREX avoid bore in/out LR or 2bk
BORE1X avoid bore in/out LR
BORE2X avoid bore in/out 2bk
BORE3X avoid bore in/out 3bk
TROUBLE1= require altered trip LR
TROUBLE2= require altered trip 2bk
TROUBLE3= require altered trip 3bk
TROUBLE1X avoid altered trip LR
TROUBLE2X avoid altered trip 2bk
TROUBLE3X avoid altered trip 3bk
OFFTKX avoid off track last start
XSTART1= require poor start LR
XSTART2= require poor start 2bk
XSTART3= require poor start 3bk
XSTART1X avoid poor start LR
XSTART2X avoid poor start 2bk
XSTART3X avoid poor start 3bk
WIDE1= require wide trip LR
WIDE2= require wide trip 2bk
WIDE3= require wide trip 3bk
WIDE1X avoid wide trip LR
WIDE2X avoid wide trip 2bk
WIDE3X avoid wide trip 3bk
COMMENT= require favorable chart comments
COMMENTX avoid favorable chart comments

1HLFC avoid top field 1/2 CPace
2HLFC avoid bot field 1/2 CPace

CSCORERKMAX01 avoid CXN Score rank > 1
CSCORERKMAX12 avoid CXN Score rank > 12
CSCORERKMIN01 avoid CXN Score rank < 1
CSCORERKMIN12 avoid CXN Score rank < 12
CSCOREVALMAX005 avoid CXN Score > 5
CSCOREVALMAX105 avoid CXN Score > 105
CSCOREVALMIN005 avoid CXN Score < 5
CSCOREVALMIN105 avoid CXN Score < 105

DCL5 avoid decelFactor < 5
DCL95 avoid decelFactor < 95
DCL_100 avoid decelFactor < 100
DCM5 avoid decelFactor >= 5
DCM95 avoid decelFactor >= 95
DCM_100 avoid decelFactor >= 100
X5min avoid DecelFactor < 5
X20min avoid DecelFactor < 20
X40+ avoid DecelFactor >=40
X55+ avoid DecelFactor >=55

1.0FX avoid distance = 1.0 furlongs
16.0FX avoid distance = 16.0 furlongs
1.0FMIN avoid distance < 1.0 furlongs
16.0FMIN avoid distance < 16.0 furlongs
1.0FMAX avoid distance > 1.0 furlongs
16.0FMAX avoid distance > 16.0 furlongs

Distance Changes
R2S require Route to Sprint
R2R require Route to Route
S2R require Sprint to Route
S2S require Sprint to Sprint

1HLFK avoid top field 1/2 E1 Last Race
2HLFK avoid bot field 1/2 E1 Last Race
1HLFT avoid top field 1/2 AVGE1
2HLFT avoid bot field 1/2 AVGE1

Field Size
1HLFA avoid top field 1/2 last start
2HLFA avoid bot field 1/2 last start

First Timers
FTRMAX0 avoid First Time Starters > 0
FTRMAX9 avoid First Time Starters > 9
FTRMIN1 avoid First Time Starters < 1
FTRMIN9 avoid First Time Starters < 9
FTS avoid First Time Starters

Foreign Horses
FORX avoid Foreign Horse
FOR+ require Foreign Horse

1HLFS avoid top field 1/2 Form Rating
2HLFS avoid bot field 1/2 Form Rating

Form Cycle
FCYCLEMAX00 avoid form cycle > 0
FCYCLEMAX09 avoid form cycle > 9
FCYCLEMIN00 avoid form cycle < 0
FCYCLEMIN09 avoid form cycle < 9

Gender / Sex
GEN00 avoid Female vs Male
GEN01 require Female vs Male
GENF avoid Fillies (intSexCode=1)
GENM avoid Mares (intSexCode=2)
GENC avoid Colts (intSexCode=3)
GENH avoid Horses (intSexCode=4)
GENG avoid Geldings (intSexCode=5)
GENR avoid Ridgling (intSexCode=6)

JSWITCH=1 require jock switch today
JSWITCH=0 avoid jock switch today
JSWITCH=N avoid jock switch in record
JSWITCH=Y require jock switch in record
CJ20 avoid jkyWinPct >= .20
J_LO avoid jkyWinPct < .05
J_RKMAX01 avoid rank rider wins meet > 1
J_RKMAX15 avoid rank rider wins meet > 15
J_RKMIN01 avoid rank rider wins meet < 1
J_RKMIN15 avoid rank rider wins meet < 15
XRIDERMAX001 avoid xthStartForRider > 1
XRIDERMAX011 avoid xthStartForRider > 11
XRIDERMIN001 avoid xthStartForRider < 1
XRIDERMIN011 avoid xthStartForRider < 11

Lasix/Bute (Medication)
MED0 avoid Medication: None
MEDREQ0 Require Medication: None
MED1 avoid Medication: Lasix
MEDREQ1 Require Medication: Lasix
MED2 avoid Medication: Bute
MEDREQ2 Require Medication: Bute
MED3 avoid Medication: Bute & Lasix
MEDREQ3 Require Medication: Bute & Lasix
MED4 avoid Medication: 1st Time Lasix
MED5 avoid Medication: Bute & 1st Time Lasix
MEDREQ5 Require Medication: Bute & 1st Time Lasix
MED9 avoid Medication: Unknown
MEDREQ9 Require Medication: Unknown
XLS0 avoid xthStartAfterLasix = 0
XLS9 avoid xthStartAfterLasix = 9
XLS1+ avoid xthStartAfterLasix >= 1
XLS9+ avoid xthStartAfterLasix >= 9

Late pace
1HLFU avoid top field 1/2 Late Pace Last Start
2HLFU avoid bot field 1/2 Late Pace Last Start
L179 avoid latePace >=1 and <=79

RUB0 avoid Routes Under Belt after layoff=0
RUB9 avoid Routes Under Belt after layoff=9
RUB1+ avoid Routes Under Belt after layoff >=1
RUB9+ avoid Routes Under Belt after layoff >=9
SUB0 avoid Sprints Under Belt after layoff=0
SUB9 avoid Sprints Under Belt after layoff=9
SUB1+ avoid Sprints Under Belt after layoff >=1
SUB9+ avoid Sprints Under Belt after layoff >=9
LAYCTMAX00 avoid layoff horse count > 0
LAYCTMAX12 avoid layoff horse count > 12
LAYCTMIN00 avoid layoff horse count < 0
LAYCTMIN12 avoid layoff horse count < 12
XLO0 avoid xthStartOffOfLayoff = 0
XLO9 avoid xthStartOffOfLayoff = 9
XLO1+ avoid xthStartOffOfLayoff >= 1
XLO9+ avoid xthStartOffOfLayoff >= 9

C5 avoid 5 yr old and up in Mdn Claiming
MX avoid Maiden Claimer Last Start (except MClm)
MZ avoid Maiden Claimer Last Start (MClm only)
SX avoid Maiden SPLWT Last Start
MDN_= require Maiden Race Last Start
MDN_X avoid Maiden Race Last Start
MCLM_= require MCLM Last Start
MCLM_X avoid MCLM Last Start
MSPLWT_= require SPLWT Last Start
MSPLWT_X avoid SPLWT Last Start

Negative/Positive Characteristics (Cantrun)
CANRUN require CANRUN profile/avoid CANTRUN profile
CANTRUN require CANTRUN profile/avoid CANRUN profile
CLEAN avoid DIRTY horses
DIRTY avoid CLEAN horses
NASTY require XFORM-CANTRUN horses
PCTDRTYMAX000 avoid Percent Dirty > 0
PCTDRTYMAX095 avoid Percent Dirty > 95
PCTDRTYMIN005 avoid Percent Dirty < 5
PCTDRTYMIN100 avoid Percent Dirty < 100
TOSSIN avoid TOSSOUT Profile
TOSSOUT require TOSSOUT Profile
XFORM avoid YFORM horses
YFORM avoid XFORM horses

Optimization Points
OP0 avoid OP = 0
OP9 avoid OP = 9
OPMIN2 require OP >= 2
OPMIN12 require OP >= 12
OPMAX0 avoid OP > 0
OPMAX12 avoid OP > 12
OPREQ0 require OP = 0
OPREQ9 require OP = 9
OPGAP9+ avoid OP gap > 9
OPGAP0+ avoid OP gap > 0
OPGAPN1+ avoid OP gap > -1
OPGAPN9+ avoid OP gap > -9
OPREVGAP9 avoid OP gap < 9
OPREVGAP0 avoid OP gap < 0
OPREVGAPN1 avoid OP gap < -1
OPREVGAPN9 avoid OP gap < -9
OPRK1 avoid OP rank = 1
OPRK9 avoid OP rank = 9
OPREQRK1 require OP rank = 1
OPREQRK9 require OP rank = 9
OPRNK1+ avoid OP rank > 1
OPRNK9+ avoid OP rank > 9
OPREVRK1 avoid OP rank < 1
OPREVRK9 avoid OP rank < 9

Pace Fig
PACEFIGMAX01 avoid PaceFig rank > 1
PACEFIGMAX10 avoid PaceFig rank > 10
PACEFIGMIN01 avoid PaceFig rank < 1
PACEFIGMIN10 avoid PaceFig rank < 10
Z1= avoid PaceFig_2F_InLast rank=1
Z3= avoid PaceFig_2F_InLast rank=3
Z1+ avoid PaceFig_2F_InLast rank >1
Z8+ avoid PaceFig_2F_InLast rank >8

Pace Improvement
PIMPRKMAX01 avoid Pace Improv rank > 1
PIMPRKMAX12 avoid Pace Improv rank > 12
PIMPRKMIN01 avoid Pace Improv rank < 1
PIMPRKMIN12 avoid Pace Improv rank < 12

Pace Line
1HLFO avoid top field 1/2 PaceLine
2HLFO avoid bot field 1/2 PaceLine

Pace Pressure
PPRESSMIN01 avoid PacePressure < 1
PPRESSMIN16 avoid PacePressure < 16
PPRESSMAX00 avoid PacePressure > 0
PPRESSMAX16 avoid PacePressure > 16

Pace Tops
NPT_AVOID0 avoid PaceTop = 0
NPT_AVOID1 avoid PaceTop = 1
NPT_AVOID2 avoid PaceTop = 2
NPT_AVOID3 avoid PaceTop = 3
NPT_KEEP0 keep PaceTop = 0
NPT_KEEP1 keep PaceTop = 1
NPT_KEEP2 keep PaceTop = 2
NPT_KEEP3 keep PaceTop = 3
NPTMIN01 avoid PaceTop < 1
NPTMIN03 avoid PaceTop < 3
NPTMAX00 avoid PaceTop > 0
NPTMAX02 avoid PaceTop > 2

PCLASSRKMAX00 avoid PClass rank > 0
PCLASSRKMAX12 avoid PClass rank > 12
PCLASSRKMIN00 avoid PClass rank < 0
PCLASSRKMIN12 avoid PClass rank < 12

Percent E
1HLFD avoid top field 1/2 PctE
2HLFD avoid bot field 1/2 PctE

PMI PMI1= require PMI rank = 1
PMI2+ avoid PMI rank >= 2
PMI9+ avoid PMI rank >= 9
PMI1N avoid PMI rank <= 1
PMI9N avoid PMI rank <= 9
PMIMINGAPN95 avoid PMI gap < -95
PMIMINGAPN05 avoid PMI gap < -5
PMIMINGAP00 avoid PMI gap < 0
PMIMINGAP95 avoid PMI gap < 95
PMIMAXGAPN95 avoid PMI gap > -95
PMIMAXGAPN05 avoid PMI gap > -5
PMIMAXGAP95 avoid PMI gap > 95
PMIVALMIN005 avoid PMI < 5
PMIVALMIN180 avoid PMI < 180
PMIVALMAX005 avoid PMI > 5
PMIVALMAX180 avoid PMI > 180

Prime Power
1HLFB avoid top field 1/2 prime power
2HLFB avoid bot field 1/2 prime power
PF_110_MAX require pF1/pF2 < 110 if top prime
PF_110_MIN require pF1/pF2 >= 110 if top prime
PF_LO avoid Low pF1 pF2 when top prime
PF_HI avoid High pF1 pF2 if not top prime
AP10 avoid Top Prime Power with 10+ pt advantage
BP2 avoid Top Prime Power bet down under 2-1

PSCORE 1HLFI avoid top field 1/2 PredictiveScore
2HLFI avoid bot field 1/2 PredictiveScore
PRD1 avoid Pred Score Rank = 1
PRD9 avoid Pred Score Rank = 9
PRD1+ avoid Pred Score Rank >=1
PRD9+ avoid Pred Score Rank >=9
F5 avoid Pred Score Rank >= 5
F12 avoid Pred Score Rank >= 12
G120 avoid Pred Score < 120
G155 avoid Pred Score < 155
G240 avoid Pred Score < 240

Purse PURSEMIN005 avoid Purse < 5k
PURSEMIN500 avoid Purse < 500k
PURSEMIN_1MIL avoid Purse < 1 Mil
PURSEMIN_3MIL avoid Purse < 3 Mil
PURSEMAX005 avoid Purse > 5k
PURSEMAX500 avoid Purse > 500k
PURSEMAX_1MIL avoid Purse > 1 Mil
PURSEMAX_3MIL avoid Purse > 3 Mil

Quirin Speed Points
1HLFE avoid top field 1/2 QSpeedPoints
2HLFE avoid bot field 1/2 QSpeedPoints

Race Brilliance
1HLFN avoid top field 1/2 Race Brilliance
2HLFN avoid bot field 1/2 Race Brilliance
RaBrill_LO avoid RaBrill between 45.50 and 54.50

Race Strength
1HLFR avoid top field 1/2 Race Strength
2HLFR avoid bot field 1/2 Race Strength

Rail Positions
1HLFZ avoid inner field 1/2 Rail Position
2HLFZ avoid outer field 1/2 Rail Position
INR1 avoid innermost 1 Rail Position
INR5 avoid innermost 5 Rail Positions
MID1 avoid midddle 1 Rail Position
MID3 avoid midddle 3 Rail Positions
OUT1 avoid outermost 1 Rail Position
OUT5 avoid outermost 5 Rail Positions

RCY rcncy must = Y
RCN rcncy must = N

Route Debut
RDEBUT= require route debut
RDEBUT_X avoid route debut
ROUTEDEBUTMAX00 avoid route debut count > 0
ROUTEDEBUTMAX12 avoid route debut count > 12
ROUTEDEBUTMIN00 avoid route debut count < 0
ROUTEDEBUTMIN12 avoid route debut count < 12

SHIP_X filter out shippers
SHIP_N filter out non-shippers
Sire (requires sire name match w/Notes field)

Sire (requires sire name match w/Notes field)

Speed Cycle
SCYCLEMAX00 avoid speed cycle > 0
SCYCLEMAX09 avoid speed cycle > 9
SCYCLEMIN00 avoid speed cycle < 0
SCYCLEMIN09 avoid speed cycle < 9

STAMIN001 avoid Stamina < 1
STAMIN200 avoid Stamina < 200
STAMAX001 avoid Stamina > 1
STAMAX200 avoid Stamina > 200
STARKMIN2 avoid Stamina rank < 2
STARKMIN9 avoid Stamina rank < 9
STARKMAX1 avoid Stamina rank > 1
STARKMAX9 avoid Stamina rank > 9

LT0 avoid lifeTimeStarts = 0
LT1 avoid lifeTimeStarts = 1
LT1+ avoid lifeTimeStarts >=1
XCM1 avoid xthStartOfCurrentMeet = 1
XCM9 avoid xthStartOfCurrentMeet = 9
XCM1+ avoid xthStartOfCurrentMeet >= 1
XCM9+ avoid xthStartOfCurrentMeet >= 9

State Bred
CLSBMAX00 avoid class shift state bred > 0
CLSBMAX04 avoid class shift state bred > 4
CLSBMIN00 avoid class shift state bred < 0
CLSBMIN04 avoid class shift state bred < 4
SBREQ0 require unknown/missing state bred info
SBREQ1 require state bred race
SBREQ2 require open company
SBX0 avoid unknown/missing state bred info
SBX1 avoid state bred race
SBX2 avoid open company

Sustained Pace
1HLFF avoid top field 1/2 Sustained Pace
2HLFF avoid bot field 1/2 Sustained Pace

Track Condition
OFFTK= require off track last start
TK1IN Require FT
TK2IN Require WF
TK3IN Require GD
TK4IN Require SY
TK5IN Require MY
TK6IN Require HY
TK7IN Require FM
TK8IN Require HD
TK9IN Require FR
TK10IN Require SF
TK11IN Require YL
TK1OUT filter out FT
TK2OUT filter out WF
TK3OUT filter out GD
TK4OUT filter out SY
TK5OUT filter out MY
TK6OUT filter out HY
TK7OUT filter out FM
TK8OUT filter out HD
TK9OUT filter out FR
TK10OUT filter out SF
TK11OUT filter out YL

BSWITCH=1 require barn switch today
BSWITCH=0 avoid barn switch today
BSWITCH=N avoid barn switch in record
BSWITCH=Y require barn switch in record
T_LO avoid tnr win pct < .05 and starts >= 10
T_10 avoid tnr win pct < .10 and starts >= 10
T_RKMAX01 avoid rank trainer wins meet > 1
T_RKMAX15 avoid rank trainer wins meet > 15
T_RKMIN01 avoid rank trainer wins meet < 1
T_RKMIN15 avoid rank trainer wins meet < 15
T_STMIN001 avoid trainer starts < 1
T_STMIN500 avoid trainer starts < 500
T_STMAX000 avoid trainer starts > 0
T_STMAX500 avoid trainer starts > 500

Turf Debut / Avoid Surface
TDEBUT= require turf debut
TDEBUT_X avoid turf debut
TURFDEBUTMAX00 avoid turf debut count > 0
TURFDEBUTMAX12 avoid turf debut count > 12
TURFDEBUTMIN00 avoid turf debut count < 0
TURFDEBUTMIN12 avoid turf debut count < 12
XTS avoid turf sprint

Turn Time
1HLFP avoid top field 1/2 TurnTime
2HLFP avoid bot field 1/2 TurnTime

V1GAPMAXNEG010 avoid V1 gap > -10
V1GAPMAXNEG001 avoid V1 gap > -1
V1GAPMAX000 avoid V1 gap > 0
V1GAPMAX010 avoid V1 gap > 10
V1GAPMINNEG010 avoid V1 gap < -10
V1GAPMINNEG001 avoid V1 gap < -1
V1GAPMIN000 avoid V1 gap < 0
V1GAPMIN010 avoid V1 gap < 10
V1NUMMAX000 avoid V1 > 0
V1NUMMAX063 avoid V1 > 63
V1NUMMIN000 avoid V1 < 0
V1NUMMIN063 avoid V1 < 63
V1RKMAX001 avoid V1 rank > 1
V1RKMAX012 avoid V1 rank > 12
V1RKMIN001 avoid V1 rank < 1
V1RKMIN012 avoid V1 rank < 12

Weight Shift
WTSHIFTNEG_10 filter out wtShift = -10
WTSHIFTNEG_1 filter out wtShift = -1
WTSHIFT_0 filter out wtShift = 0
WTSHIFT_10 filter out wtShift = 10

WO Brilliance
1HLFM avoid top field 1/2 Workout Brilliance
E3 avoid diffForWoBrill >-20 and <= -3
E4 avoid diffForWoBrill >-20 and <= -4
2HLFM avoid bot field 1/2 Workout Brilliance

WOFIT avoid WoFitnessFlag = False
WOS+= training fits sprint form cycle
WOR+= training fits route form cycle
WOSINCE require work since last start
RASINCE require race since last work

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10:26:08 PM
good stuff, Thanks!


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