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Date Last Modified: March 4, 2018
The SQLDataBits Field

The SQLDataBits field was added to SQL Mode with the release of Build 198 for both JCapper Silver and JCapper Platinum.

The SQLDataBits field is a shorter abbreviated version of the Angles String found in Playlist File Mode - and is designed to be used in SQL Mode.

The SQLDataBits field contains text characters that enable you to make evaluations in your sql expressions for a number of data points -- such as Rider Change True or False, Trainer Change True or False, Wide Trip (including how many paths wide according to the chart caller) in each of the last three starts, Apprentice Weight Allowance in number of pounds off today, Equipment used in past running lines (according to the chart caller) such as wore Blinkers or wore Front Wraps, State or Country where the horse was bred, positional calls info as read from the HDW Text Chart Results File, and an indicator for AngleB Ė which, imo, turned out to be the lone angle to actually generate a modest degree of statistical relevance from among the many angles presented in that old many pages long at least a decade old angles thread at

Itís important to note that I didnít add the new SQLDataBits field to the StarterHistory table. Nor have I changed the table schema for the StarterHistory table in any material way.

What I did was make the following text name fields in the StarterHistory and StartersToday tables longer Ė increasing the max number of characters that can be stored in each of the following fields to 60 characters: Horsename, Rider, Trainer, Owner, Sire, Siressire, Dam, and Damssire.

I also added a new screen to the SQL Factor Setup Tool called the Factor Reassignment Screen.

To use the new SQLDataBits field: You have to go into the SQL Factor Setup Tool, pick one of the name/text fields you arenít really using -- for example the Owner, Siressire, or Dam field, etc. -- reassign SQLDataBits to that field, and persist the change by clicking the SAVE button.

From there, after you rebuild databases from scratch: The field that you reassigned SQLDataBits to in your StarterHistory table will contain SQLDataBits data instead of data for the original field (such as Owner, Siressire, or Dam, etc.)

--Link to Help Doc - with example showing how to use the Factor Reassignament Screen to assign SQLDataBits to the SIRESSIRE field:

After making the reassignment to the SIRESSIRE field (or another name field) as shown in the Help Doc, and after rebuilding databases from scratch, when you look in the StarterHistory table - you will see values for SQLDataBits in the name field where SQLDataBits has been assigned.

Meaning that if you wanted to create SQL UDMs based on SQLDataBits values, you could now do that.

--Example: After assigning SQLDataBits to the SIRESSIRE field in your SQL Factor Setup and after populating the StarerHistory Table by rebuilding databases from scratch, you could use something like the following line in a SQL UDM to flag starters with a rider change today:


--Another: Suppose you wanted to make an existing UDM exclude starters ridden by an inexperienced rider? One who still has a 10 pound or a 7 pound 'bug?' You could do that using something like the following two lines:


--Another: Suppose you wanted to make a UDM flag starters on the turf bred in Ireland? You could do that using something like the following two lines:


SQLDataBits Field Mapping:
SQLDataBits field --

Max characters: 60 (same as the name field where SQLDataBits has been assigned)

--------------------     -------   --------------------------------------------------------------
ANGLE B                  AB-       Angle B pattern exists in past running lines

--------------------     -------   --------------------------------------------------------------
BORE In/Out Last Start   BR-       Horse bore in or out last start
Last Start (X)           5X-       5 Wide Last Start (X character denotes last start)
Second Start Back (Y)    3Y-       3 Wide Second Start Back (Y character denotes 2nd start back)
Second Start Back (Z)    4Z-       4 Wide Third Start Back (Z character denotes 3rd start back)

--------------------     -------   --------------------------------------------------------------
BARN/TRAINER CHANGE      T1-       Trainer name change for this race      
RIDER CHANGE             R1-       Rider name change for this race 
--------------------     -------   --------------------------------------------------------------

--------------------     -------   --------------------------------------------------------------
TEN POUNDS               10LB-     10 pound apprentice weight allowance
SEVEN POUNDS              7LB-     7 pound apprentice weight allowance
FIVE POUNDS               5LB-     5 pound apprentice weight allowance

Equipment worn:
--------------------     -------   --------------------------------------------------------------
BLINKERS WORN             BL-      Horse wore blinkers this running line
                                   --Note: Generally available in .jcp data file. 
                                     As noted by chartcaller during post parade/warmups
FRONT WRAPS WORN          F-       Horse wore blinkers this running line
                                   --Note: Not repeat not available in .jcp data file.
                                     Exists in chart file only as noted by chartcaller
                                     during post parade and pre-race warmups.
--------------------     -------   --------------------------------------------------------------
WHERE BRED                [KY]     Horse was bred in KY (wrapped in brackets)
SADDLECLOTH               {1A}     Horse was the 1A (wrapped in curly brackets)

Positional Calls Info:
--------------------     -------   --------------------------------------------------------------
Positional Calls Info              Positional calls info is 17 characters in length, with
                                   individual positional calls wrapped inside of pipe characters 
                                   followed by a dash character.

                                   --Example: |08`06`05`04`02|-

                                   Starting with the pipe character, from left to right:
                                   The first pipe indicates start of positional calls info
                                   1st and 2nd chars 08 indicate position at start call 8th
                                   4th and 5th chars 06 indicate position at first call 6th
                                   7th and 8th chars 05 indicate position at second call 5th
                                   10th and 11th chars 04 indicate position at stretch call 4th
                                   13th and 14th chars 02 indicate position at finish call 2nd
                                   The second pipe and dash indicate end of positional calls info
--------------------     -------   ------------------------------------------------



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