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Date Last Modified: January 23, 2018
The Factor Reassignment Screen

General Overview
The Factor Reassignment Screen was added to the Factor Setup Tool with the release of Build 198 for both JCapper Silver and JCapper Platinum.

The Factor Reassignment Screen lets you persist a change to your SQL Factor Setup that causes a factor you select from the Available Factors Drop Down -- to be reassigned to the data field you select from the Available Data Fields drop down.

Suppose for the sake of argument that you aren't really using the SIRESSIRE field -- and that you want to reassign SQLDataBits to the SIRESSIRE field.

After making the reassignment - you'd have to rebuild databases from scratch. But after you did that, if you looked in your StarterHistory table - you'd see values for SQLDataBits in the SIRESSIRE field. From there, if you wanted to create SQL UDMs based on SQLDataBits values, you could do that...

But you'd reference the SIRESSIRE field in your SQL UDMs because that's where SQLDataBits is now assigned in your SQL Factor Setup.

Requirements for using the Factor Reassignment Screen:

• You must be operating JCapper in SQL Mode.

• You must be running JCapper Build 198 (or later.)

• You must have a current version (Build 198 or later) JCapper2.mdb file that has a max character length of 60 for the following fields: RIDER, TRAINER, OWNER, SIRE, SIRESSIRE, DAM, and DAMSSIRE.

Hint: You can check by pulling up the JCX File Exports Module, checking the Use Custom Sql Expression box, and in the Sql Expression Tool select the StarterHistory table from the Table drop down in the bottom center of the screen -- and from there hit the Display SQL button. After doing that, you should be able to verify that the RIDER, TRAINER, OWNER, SIRE, SIRESSIRE, DAM, and DAMSSIRE fields are all 60 characters in length.

If any of those data fields have a max character value less than 60: That means you don't (yet) have a current version JCapper2.mdb file. (Fyi, you can get one by installing the latest available program update and running the imports. Afterwards, you'll be able to use the Factor Reassigment Tool.)

Screenshot: Using the the SQL Expression Tool in the JCX File Exports Module to verify you have a current (enough) version JCapper2.mdb file to use the Factor Reassignment Tool:

Verifying current version JCapper2.mdb file
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1. Pull up the Factor Setup Tool and click Next to get to the Factor Reassignment Screen.

2. On the Factor Reassignment Screen, from the Available Data Fields drop down, select one of the name data fields that you aren't really using... it could be any of them... but in this case for purposes of example, select the SIRESSIRE field.

3. From the Available Factors drop down - select SQLDataBits.

4. Check the active box.

5. Double Check your work and hit the Save button to persist the change to your SQL Factor Setup.

Screenshot of the Factor Reassignment Screen after reassigning SQLDataBits to the SIRESSIRE field:

Making the reassignment
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That's it!

The next time you hit the Calc Races or Build Database buttons -- the interface will enforce the change to your SQL Factor Setup and write SQLDataBits to the SIRESSIRE field.



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