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By Blank Reports
1:34:00 AM
Hello. I'm a new user looking to check out some of the Silver Features before deciding on pulling the trigger on the platinum version. I am having issues viewing the standard reports. Whenever I click on any of the report buttons, "HTML One", "Text One", etc... the report screen goes blank. The report file is created in my active folder, but it is blank as well. Any help would be appreciated.

The Past Performance load fine. I have my cards properly loaded. I am also in Playlist Mode using Brisnet data.

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10:08:19 AM
Don't know about silver, but you may be hitting calc races to fast. Mine takes just a second or so to load so it will calculate.

12:13:53 AM

"I am also in Playlist Mode using Brisnet data."
--end quote

My reply:
The free version of JCapper Silver available on the program downloads page runs on HDW data - not Brisnet data.

To generate reports that display JCapper numbers like the HTML Report and/or create text files on your hard drive that contain JCapper numbers and/or populate the StarterHistory table with JCapper numbers:

You first have to load .JCP files (not Brisnet files) into JCapper using the DFM Card Loader - followed by (in an ideal world) getting scratches and changes with Scratch Bot (or in a not so ideal world do them manually in the Manual Changes Module) - and from there run a Calc Races.

Strongly suggest starting at the JCapper Silver FAQs page - followed by working through the Class Outline in the Demo Version Quick Start Guide Help Doc - at least until you understand the program basics.

JCapper Silver FAQs page:

"Q. What's the best way to shorten the learning curve?

A. The best way to shorten the learning curve is to work through the exercises in the JCapper 101 Class Outline
found in the Demo User Quick Start Guide Help Doc.

Link to the Demo User Quick Start Guide Help Doc where you will find the JCapper 101 Class Outline:

Q. Can I try out the JCapper Silver software without spending money on data?

A. Yes. In the JCapper 101 Class Outline there are links to back data downloads like this one at courtesy of HDW. "
--end quote




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