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By Using The Name Selection Tool in SQL Mode
11:36:03 AM
When I started using SQL mode, I was able to click
on the "Rider Name Test" in the UDM Wizard after sorting
the SQL UDM by rider in the data window and then
get my rider name list to show in the pop-up window
and then was able to copy that list into my SQL UDM
when I hit the "add rider(s)" button.

Something changed and I can't get it to work anymore.

Any suggestions?


~Edited by: busseb  on:  1/7/2011  at:  11:36:03 AM~

1:42:30 PM
I use The Name Selection Tool with SQL UDMs all the time.

Here are the steps:

1. Run a BY RIDER query in the Data Window. This will populate the SampleSummary table in the c:\JCapper\Exe\JCapper2.mdb file.

Note: It doesn't matter which mode you run the Data Window in for this step. It can be done with the Data Window in either playlist file mode or sql mode.

2. With the table populated, bring up up the UDM Wizard, select the UDM you want to modify (or create a new UDM Template and navigate to the Modify screen) and click the arrow button to the left of the Rider Name field. This will launch The Name Selection Tool.

3. In The Name Selection Tool, use the interface to create and execute a sql expression that results with a name list you'd like to add to the UDM.

4. In The Name Selection Tool, manually highlight/select those names you you want added to the UDM, clear the Name Preview Box, and click the ADD Names Selected Names button. This will cause the name list to appear in the box at the top of the interface. These names will be in a format compatible with the UDM Wizard.

5. Add the names to the UDM Definition:

5a. In playlist file mode, in the Name Selection Tool: click the Save and Close button. This will paste the name list to the name field on the UDM Wizard's Modify screen. On the UDM Wizard's Modify screen, check the name test box and hit the Save button. That's it!

5b. In sql mode you need to add the names to the sql expression(s) that make up the UDM Definition. Manually highlight the name list to select it, and with the name list highlighted, hit the CTRL C key combination using your keyboard to copy the highlighted name list text to the Windows Clipboard.

With the name list copied to your Windows Clipboard, click the UDM Wizard's SQL button to bring up the UDM Wizard's SQL Expression Tool. Then paste the name list (using the CTRL V key combination from your keyboard) into the sql expression that drives your sql UDM Definition and Save it. Then exit the SQL Expression Tool.

Finally, close The Name Selection Tool without persisting the name list to the Rider or Trainer Name field on the UDM Wizard Modify Screen. Remember, in sql mode it is your sql expression(s) that drive the UDM Defintion and nothing else.

When done, that part of the sql expression will look something like this:


Hope I explained that in a way that makes sense.



~Edited by: jeff  on:  1/7/2011  at:  1:42:30 PM~

11:16:07 PM
Haven't tried your way, but was thinking that I was
building my database in mode 3 - SQL only and that
was the cause when I had been building the database
in mode 1 previously when it was working.


Charlie James
9:16:04 AM
Busseb: Thanks for posting the question. I was wondering the exact same thing as you - howto use the name selection tool with sql udms.

Jeff: Thanks for posting a detailed instrction set. Embedding the list of names in the sql expression absolutely works.



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