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9:00:16 PM
By Ray Paulick

IMHO, racing is a gambling game first and foremost.

In order to have a gambling game, if you want it to appeal to the public at large - one of the basic requirements is that you need to be able to assure the public that the game itself is honest. In other words: Regulate the game in such a way that the integrity of the game itself is beyond reproach.

One need look no further than how the casino industry handles cheating for an example of how to do this: Get caught cheating in a casino and they will prosecute you. If you are found guilty by a jury you WILL go to jail.

One of the biggest problems in racing that I see is the way the public at large sees "integrity of the game" vs. the way racing's decision makers see it.

Racing's decision makers THINK they are achieving "integrity of the game." But the public at large sees things a little differently.

If you take all sources handle as it existed 7 years ago in 2003 and adjust it for inflation - and then compare it to all sources handle as it exists today in 2010 - you will find that handle in 2010 is approximately HALF of what it was just 7 years ago in 2003.

Racing is in serious trouble. The status quo isn't working. If we keep to the status quo for another 7 years, I'll make the argument that we can expect handle in 2017 to be HALF of what it is today... Let me put that another way: Handle in 2017 will be ONE QUARTER of what it was in 2003.

Last fall, 510 horseplayers taking the HANA Survey named failure to address racing's drug integrity problem as the #3 reason they wager less than they otherwise would.

Because of drugs - specifically the lack of enforcement - There is enough public distrust about the integrity of the game that handle is being negatively impacted.

In this one instance, could the actions of the Pennsylvania State Police (unintentionally) accomplish something that racing's decision makers have been wholly unable (or unwilling) to do themselves?... Restore a little integrity to racing as a gambling game?



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jager fury
11:24:29 AM
Good work on the jockeys part to take a stand against the trainer. I don't know what role the jockeys play in all this, and I'm sure their history is as spotty as the rest of business, but these guys have the closest look at these animals under conditions. I would hope they could spot abuse inflicted on these horses.


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