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By 7-22-2010 CHRB Meeting at Del Mar
12:46:10 AM
7-22-2010 CHRB Meeting at Del Mar
The Commissioners are going to once again review Los Al's increased takeout experiment. It's slated as agenda item 15 for the next CHRB meeting on Thurs 7/22/2010 at Del Mar.

The "package" is now up on the CHRB site:

After the page loads, click the bookmark on the left for agenda item 15. There you'll find a description of the experiment's history along with player efforts to fight it.

I will be in attendance attempting to make the case that the experiment has been a failure.

It is my contention that the takeout increase is one of the driving factors behind Los Al's ON TRACK handle performance:

2010 vs. 2009 from the start of the experiment through the end of June, 2010:

Down 27 percent

If you would like to make your own thoughts known about this or any of the other agenda items, email your comments to the CHRB at:

BonS @ chrb . ca . gov
(remove the blank spaces first)



~Edited by: jeff  on:  7/18/2010  at:  12:46:10 AM~

1:15:37 AM
A follow up on today's CHRB meeting...

By including the spreadsheet that I prepared as part of the meeting package, the CHRB at least acknowledged the fact that on track handle for Los Al since the start of the experiment was off 27% on a 2010 vs. 2009 per calendar basis.

Handle off significantly during the time period of the experiment was not enough to sway the Commissioners. They voted unanimously today to continue the increased takeout experiment until it is scheduled to automatically sunset on or about Sept 8, 2010.

I can tell you from talking with some of the industry participants present at today's meeting that handle off significantly doesn't matter. There is an element among the horsemen where takeout increases are seen as somehow having the potential to pay for purse increases... which are now "needed" because for some strange reason handle keeps going down.

Today I was pulled aside and thanked by some of the CHRB members and staff for volunteering my time and getting involved. That's refreshing I guess.

But I have to call it like I see it. On track handle off 27% is a pretty clear sign (at least to me) that increased takeout isn't the answer.

Apparently, racing's decision makers in CA don't see it the same way I do. I don't know what the breaking point is... 30%... 45%... 60%???... It appears for the time being that 27% just isn't a clear enough sign.



~Edited by: jeff  on:  7/23/2010  at:  1:15:37 AM~

10:38:38 AM
This is so similar to how politicians see tax increases as the only way to solve every funding issue. Takeout is the racetrack's version of a tax. More taxes inhibit revenue growth.

Layman horseplayers see parimutuel horse racing as an unbeatable endeavor precisely because of high takeout. Because of the high-tech advantage JCapper offers, at least we have a chance but it's still a really tough nut to crack.

Imagine if WPS takeout at all tracks dropped to 10%. I believe handle would gradually grow by leaps and bounds. Obviously, it ain't going to happen but I like to dream about it.

Great effort Jeff. Unfortunately, I think you are up against an immovable object.


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