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By Upgrading to Platinum from JCapper 2005 - Importing UDMs
6:42:50 PM
If you have been running Jcapper 2005 and are installing JCapper Platinum for the very first time READ the following steps carefully before actually doing them.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - the Installer for this upgrade WILL NOT copy the new Platinum JCapper.mdb Database file to your c:\2004 folder. It places a fresh blank copy of this file in your c:\JCapperBuild Folder.

YOU are going to have to MANUALLY copy it to your C:\2004 folder before all the features in the new program will become available to you. But DO NOT do this now. WAIT until after you have read and completed steps 1 and 2 below. IF YOU SCREW THIS UP YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE YOUR UDMs.

1. Find your old JCapper.mdb file (It's sitting on your c:\2004 folder) and MAKE A BACKUP COPY of it. Place the backup copy on another non-JCapper folder or drive. Perhaps even email it to yourself. But whatever you do get a backup copy just in case. Do not remove your JCapper.mdb file from your c:\2004 folder. Just make a backup copy of it. Hint: If you value your UDMs you should be doing this religiously already.

2. After making a backup copy rename your old c:\2004\JCapper.mdb file to something you will recognize. For example, JCapper_SAVED.mdb will work just fine.

3. Have you made a backup copy of and renamed your old JCapper.mdb file? If so proceed to step 4. If not, PAY ATTENTION and perform steps 1 and 2.

4. Your new JCapper Platinum database file is sitting in your c:\JCapperBuild folder. Copy this file to your c:\2004 folder. If you are prompted by Windows to overwrite a file by the same name then you are about to lose your UDMs. If that's the case you need to click Cancel and go back and re-read these instructions again before going forward.

OK. Enough warnings. Step 5 is this: Copy the new JCapper.mdb file from your JCapperBuild folder to your c:\2004 folder.

6. Start JCapper. Login using your new userid and password.

It's time to IMPORT UDMs from your old JCapper.mdb file to your new JCapper.mdb file:

1. On the Main Module click the UDM Wizard Button.

2. On the first screen of the UDM Wizard click Import UDMs. You will be presented with a new screen that has very explicit instructions on it. Here's a screenshot:

3. Select a Source Database File containing the UDMs you want to import. This will be the old database file that you renamed in step 2 above.

4. Select a Target Database File. This is the JCapper database file where you want your UDMs to end up. In this case select the JCapper.mdb file you just copied to your c:\2004 folder.

5. Once you have selected both a source and a target database file click the GO Button. You will see a progress bar while all of your UDMs are imported from your old database file and written to your new database file. At the end you will be given a count of the number of UDMs that were imported.

At this point the Upgrade is complete. Your job now is to start using the new toolset.


See the expiration date? That's about 35 days into the future give or take. I'll be updating this program version frequently over the next few weeks. Depending on when you actually purhcase the upgrade I'll adjust the expiration date accordingly. And yes, I'll be sending out new Activation Files again once the 30 day money back guarantee period is satisfied.




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