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By HDW Files for Thur Feb 11 2021 and Fri Feb 12 2021
11:49:07 AM
Just a heads up --

Georgetown, KY where HDW is located (north of Lexington) is expecting an ice storm later today.

Right now might be a good time to grab V4 files for Thur Feb 11, 2021 and Fri Feb 12, 2021 (just in case.)

Ice Stom a comin'

I've already downloaded V4 files for tomorrow Thur Feb 11, 2021.

And as soon as HDW makes V4 files for Fri Feb 12, 2021 available on their download server: I'll grab those too just in case.

In the event the immediate neighborhood where HDW is located loses power -- I'll post download links in the private area of the JCap Msg Board.



2:09:01 PM
Got a call from HDW a little earlier today asking that I pick up files for tomorrow Tues 02-16-2021 just in case.

Georgetown KY where HDW is located is under a winter storm warning. The forecast calls for a mix of freezing rain and snow. The freezing rain part could cause ice buildup on power lines and tree branches. Meaning there is some potential for power outages in their immediate area.

Winter Storm Warning

If you see this --

Don't wait. Get tomorrow's files now just in case.




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