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By Track Cancellations - Covid
2:23:14 PM
CTX Cancelled on 11-05-2020
Positive test reported in the Jockey's room. Date of return unknown (by myself) as I type this.

Latest update: Live racing resumed on 11-19-2020.

GGX Cancelled 11-13-2020 and 11-14-2020
I spoke with someone at the CHRB on 11-13-2020 who told me: "Our latest info is it's not necessarily specific to Covid at Golden Gate. But specific to Covid in the surrounding area."

Update 11-20-2020: It turns out I was given misleading info by the CHRB. (ugh.)

The LA Times has since reported more than 30 people on the backstrech tested positive.

A local TV station is now reporting 200 backstretch workers at GGX have now tested positive: here.

Live racing at GGX is on hold pending approval from local health officials.

Latest update: Live racing resumed on Fri 01-14-2021.

TUP Cancelled on 02-15-2021.
Positive test reported for an employee in the Jockey's room.

Vince Francia told The Paulick Report he believes live racing is likely to resume on Wed 02-17-2021.

Link - here.

MVR Cancelled 11-10-2020 through 11-21-2020.
Positive test reported in one of their buildings (not the Jockey's room.)

Latest update: Live racing resumed on Mon 11-23-2020.

WOX announces closing day for their 2020 meet will be Sun 11-22-2020 as part of an Ontario-wide lockdown.

Latest update: article: here.

ZIA Ordered closed as part of a state-wide non-essential business closure through end of month (Nov 2020.)

Latest update: Live racing resumed on Wed 12-02-2020.

Link to article:

Now you know what I know.


~Originally posted by: jeff on: 11/13/2020 at: 12:40:58 PM~

~Edited by: jeff  on:  2/15/2021  at:  2:23:14 PM~

10:46:09 AM
Add Woodbine to the list. The Ontario provincial government closed all horse racing operations for that province prior to last weekend.

2:23:49 PM
Bump. TUP (see above.)




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