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By Eliminating Races
5:54:29 AM
Can you explain the different ways to eliminate races in a card.
Example I only want to see races 5,7,8 on the html report and text report.

2:09:53 PM
The first question that needs to be answered is:

What are the attributes of the races you want to hide or display on the SQL HTML Report?

Once you've decided that - it's pretty easy to do on the last screen of the SQL Factor Setup Tool.

Hint: Any of the column names in the RaceHeadingsToday table are fair game... Track, IntSurface, Dist, TkCond, ClassDescriptor, Fieldsize, Racevolatility, FTSCount, RouteDebutCount, PaceIndex, PacePressure, Purse, etc.

Hint: You can generate a text report showing the column names of the RaceHeadingsToday table (or any JCapper table for that matter) in the SQL Expression Tool of the JCX File Exports Module by selecting the table name from the drop down and clicking the button to the right of the drop down as shown in the screenshot below:

JCX RaceHeadingsToday table

For example purposes, I'll illustrate using min values for Fieldsize, Racevolatility, and FTSCount to control races displayed on my SQL HTML Report using the following parameters:

FieldSize: 7 horses minimum
RaceVolatility: 37.5 minimum
FTSCount: 2 maximum

Screenshot of me doing this on the last screen of the SQL Factor Setup Tool:

Screen5 SQL Factor Setup Tool

Note that in the above screenshot:

• I have keyed the sql expression into the left hand side of Screen 5 in the SQL Factor Setup Tool. (The right hand side controls sorting based on an ORDER BY clause using column names in the StartersToday table.)

• I have checked the Active box to make the entry active. (To deactivate the sql expression keyed into the left hand side uncheck the Active box and hit the Save button.)

• I have clicked the Save button.

After saving the above into the left hand side of Screen 5 of the SQL Factor Setup Tool:

The next time I run a SQL Calc Races - the only races that will display on my SQL HTML Report are those that fit the factor constraints defined by my saved sql expression... min FieldSize of 7 horses... min RV of 37.5... and max FTSCount of 2.




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