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By A unique horse much better than some humans
10:28:11 AM
Facebook video link:

I've seen dogs make hospice visits and boost morale. But never a horse.

Amazing video.



6:32:28 AM
Just saw this, not sure what to say, other than beautiful.

I grew up with working horses, my father had a sawmill, there was no clear cutting, so horses were used to bring the logs to the timber road, we had two pastures for them, I used to sit on them bareback holding their mane, and I recall one that would head to every wall to try to rub me off. Another different personality its groom would wait for me, put me on his back and take him to his pasture, I guess now he was male, that's why he had his own field, he'd take off into that field, run all sides, buck and kick, and then quiet down and come back for a nuzzle when he'd finished.

So not sure what to say, other than beautiful, these animals are such a part of our humanity, this video is something else.

Thanks for sharing.


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