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By UPRs/MLRs/Expressions
6:41:24 PM
Will there be any example videos released showing the start to finish on creating UPRs/MLRs/Expressions? While the help docs are a good reference document, love to see some examples on videos.

1:26:09 PM
I'm still adding features to/building out the interface...

Fyi, some of the areas being addressed are preparation of data - transforming the data - cleaning of data prior to export...

Getting factor numeric values to exist on the same scale, having the interface offer up methods for handling outliers like foreign horses/first time starters with 0 values for speed and pace figs, etc.

For example, what if instead of factor numeric value, which exists on a scale of about 8 to about 91 for FigConsensus -- and from 70 to about 105 for CFA?...

What if you had a setting that could take factor numeric value for 50+ relevant factors in the program and transform each factor into say a normalized probability distribution? While at the same time handling outliers like foreign horses and fts by replacing zero values for speed and pace figs with say the mean values for those figs from the current race?

If you had the ability to do that - the data itself might look something like the Data Window output for FigConsensus and CFA displayed in the following linked to text file: here.

Imo, the ability to do stuff like this from within JCapper facilitates/enhances/makes for an easier task when doing statistical analysis outside of JCapper.

Imo, this is really an important enough area that I've decided to bite the bullet and make it possible to get quite a bit of it done from inside of JCapper.

I still have a ways to go with this before I'm ready make it part of a new program update.

Imo, at least until what I'm working on is closer to being finished - it doesn't make sense to start cutting MLR UPR Tools videos.

Right now, the existing UPR Tools Expression Builder - MLR Multi Logistic Regression Models - Help Doc will have to do.

But as I get further along/closer to completing the interface:

Absolutely. I do plan on cutting MLR UPR Tools videos then.



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1:38:04 PM
Also, earlier today, in the private section of the board - I bumped an older thread where there are links to the existing UPR Tools videos.

The videos themselves are from 2009 - so they pre-date mlr (or at least mlr in JCapper) by a number of years...

But for anyone who is new to JCapper they are certainly worth checking out.




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