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By NonContenders
10:05:02 AM
Just curious, if I scratch all noncontenders before doing a calc race are those scratches saved in my data base, or are just the
official scratches saved when i do a data base build after downloading results files?

Hope i explained this good enough for you to understand.

12:08:00 PM
When you run a Build Database routine, the interface pulls final post time odds from the charts data.

From there:

1. All starters with odds greater than zero are sent on to the algorithms in the program that perform number crunching.

2. All starters with odds equal to zero are treated as scratches (because when odds are equal to zero you can't bet on that runner.)

Meaning that you can't do this by manually scratching horses (or clicking some other setting) in JCapper.

However --

FYI, I haven't personally tried this -- but I think what I am about to describe below will work...

But before you go down a rabbit hole and write a program for editing field #37 in hundreds of .XRD files --

I suggest trying it with one or two .xrd files first - just to make sure that it works.

That said, if you wanted to override the above described JCapper program behavior, where any runner with odds greater than zero is processed during a build datbase routine --

I think one way to do that might be to:

1. Create a new folder to be used for a special data project.

2. Using Windows Explorer, copy selected matching pairs of data and results files to that folder...

.jcp with .xrd files if you are using HDW... or .drf/.mcp with .xrd if you are using Brisnet.

3. Edit field #37 in all of the .xrd files on the special project folder to a value of "0.00" (without the quotes) for any runner you consider to be a true non-contender.

It doesn't matter what you use for this. If you are careful, you could do this manually using a text editor like Notepad. You could also do this with a VBA macro in Excel. You could also write a program (using just about any computer language) for this specific purpose.

The key here is to trick JCapper into thinking the horse is scratched by changing field #37 in the .xrd file to a value of "0.00" (without the quotes) for any horse you consider to be a true non-contender.

4. Use JCapper to run a Build Databse routine on your special project folder (created in step 1 above.)

--Note that if you are operating JCapper in PlayList File Mode - you can simply run this db build in Mode 1.

--Note that if you are operating JCapper in SQL Mode - you should probably swap out your current JCapper2.mdb file with a fresh blank JCapper2.mdb file to be used for this special project only.

--See the JCapper2.mdb file - what you need to know thread for more info on managing multiple JCapper2.mdb files.



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