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By Results Data download
6:30:16 PM
Jeff, Is there anyway to get results charts from JCapper from 1 day old back as much as 3 to 4 months old all in a spread sheet,

9:31:11 AM
There is.

Imo, your best strategy would be something like the following:

1. Create a new (main) Excel spreadsheet that you will use to store (and work with) chart data.

2. Create a special folder where you will (temporarily) store copies of chart files that you want to paste into excel.

3. Open your (main) Excel spreadsheet (created in step 1 above.)

4. After running an HDW Chart Results File build in the HDW File Mgr, copy (don't move but copy) newly created F*.txt files from your current active data folder in JCapper to the special folder created in step 2 above.

5. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder created in step 2 above, right click inside the folder, select VIEW, and select DETAILS.

--Hint: This will enable you to see not just individual files, but clickable column headers such as Name, Date Modified, Size, Type, etc.

--Hint: Clicking the Name column header sorts the displayed files by Name. (Similar behavior for the other column headers.)

6. Use the column headers while in View mode to find new F.txt files you just copied in step 4 above.

7. RENAME a newly copied F.txt file by right-clicking it and selecting RENAME. Then change the file extension from .txt to .csv

8. Double click the just renamed .csv file to open it in a new Excel spreadsheet.

9. Highlight all of the cells for the new file. Then right click the highlighted group of cells and select COPY.

10. Switching to your (main) chart file spreadsheet... Right click the location where you want data from the new chart to go and select PASTE.

--Hint: It might be a good idea to devise some way to keep track of new chart files as you add them to your main spreadsheet (to prevent the same chart from being added multiple times.)

At this point all of the data from the current chart you are adding should now be in your (main) chart file spreadsheet.

11. Click CTRL-S to save the contents of your (main) chart file spreadsheet.

12. X-out of (close) the individual chart spreadsheet that was opened in step 8 above. (At this point consider deleting the .csv file as well.)

13. Repeat steps 4 through 11 above as needed until all of the new chart files that were copied to your special folder in step 4 above have been pasted into your (big) main Excel spreadsheet.

That's basically it!

From here it's a matter of working with the data itself.

(I'll come back to this thread and post more later as free time allows.)



~Edited by: jeff  on:  10/16/2017  at:  9:31:11 AM~

11:15:33 AM
Exactly what i'm looking for. I can kind of make out what each column means but is there a header somewhere that shows what's in each column?

11:41:15 AM
Field Mapping for HDW text chart results file:



3:00:12 PM
Thanks Jeff


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