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By cards for old races
7:26:07 AM
Hi Jeff,

This is probably a stupid question but here goes: Can I generate cards for old races? If so, how do I do that? I would like to do this for a bunch of them.. Thank you!!!



1:05:39 PM
It's easy Tom.

In the DFM Card Loader when the File Filter Tool is first launched - the defaults for Month and Day are set for today's date.

Meaning that for today's race cards you don't have to change the Month and Day on the File Filter Tool.

However, for older cards - you do need to change Month and Day on the File Filter Tool, possibly track code, and possibly file type - to match any older race cards you want to load into the program.


  1. Click DFM to launch the Data Folder Manager.

  2. Click DFM Card Loader to launch the DFM Card Loader.

  3. In the DFM Card Loader click File Filter Tool (in the bottom left) to launch the File Filter Tool.

  4. In the File Filter Tool:

    1. Select your Month and Day.

    2. Optionally, key a 3 character track code.

    3. Optionally, change the File Type (.JCP file or .DAT file.)

    4. Then click the APPLY button to apply your search criteria.

That's It!

Older race cards matching your search criteria should now be displayed in the far left pane of the DFM Card Loader.

From there, you would go about loading older cards the same as you would for today's cards.

CTRL-CLICK individual cards to highlight them -- drag and drop highlighted cards onto the panes for Post Time List, DataFolder1, DataFolder2, or DataFolder3, etc... and then click the appropriate Load Files buttons.

And of course after card files have been loaded into the program - you would click the Calc Races button (same as you would had you loaded cards for today's races into the program.)


• There is a rule that you have to follow though... and that same rule applies when you are loading today's cards too:

You can only load one card for the same 3 character track code on any one Data Folder.

So if you want to generate HTML Reports for (say) three separate BEL cards... load the first on DataFolder1, load the 2nd on DataFolder2, and load the 3rd on DataFolder3... and then run a separate Calc Races for each folder.

• To see finish position, odds, and parimutuel payoffs on HTML Reports generated for older cards: Just Load .DAT files into the program instead of .JCP files.



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8:02:44 AM
Hi Jeff,

Thank you!!




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