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By Registering the COMDLG32.ocx file
7:07:13 PM
Strategy for Registering the ComDlg32.ocx file in Windows 10 and Windows 8:

1. Verify that you do in fact have a COMDLG32.OCX file sitting on your c:\JCapper\OCX folder.

This screenshot shows the COMDLG32.OCX file highlighted on the c:\JCapper\OCX folder:

Note: If the COMDLG32.OCX file is missing from your c:\JCapper\OCX folder contact me (and I'll get you a copy of the file.)

2. Create a new desktop shortcut for JCapper's Install Wizard/Help Doc Viewer.

Hint: When creating the shortcut browse to the c:\JCapperBuild folder and use the following file as the shortcut's target file: JCapper_InstallWizard.exe

This screenshot shows the JCapper_InstallWizard.exe file named as the shortcut target while I was in the process of creating the shortcut itself:

3. Right click the new desktop shortcut created in step 2 above and select RUN AS ADMIN.

4. When the Install Wizard/Help Doc Viewer opens - note the 2nd menu item down from the top on the left hand side labeled "RegSvr32 Register OCX Files" and give it a click.

This screenshot shows a close up of the 2nd menu item down from the top on the left hand side of the Install Wizard:

You should receive registration successful messages for each set of DLLs or OCX files - and because you are running the Install Wizard from a desktop shortcut where you right clicked the shortcut and selected Run as Admin - Windows should have granted you true admin rights - and the dlls and ocx files should actually register this time.



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