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By Topological Modelling
5:11:17 PM
Any thoughts on providing a method of
topological modeling of JCapper data?

Is this similar to OptixEQ?


10:57:32 AM
Funny you should ask.

Yes, over the past several months I've been quietly working on a TDA plugin for modelling JCapper StarterHistory data.

As for OptixEQ, I really do not know if they have implemented TDA (or even plan to implement TDA) into their output.

Maybe someone who's using OptixEQ in conjunction with JCapper would care to chime in.

Short of that, you might want to ask them directly.



8:54:47 PM
Ayasdi produces simplicial complex summaries and is a combinatorial representation of topological and geometric features of the original space. They then use a series of layout algorithms so that it looks good to a human in 2 dimensions on your screen, these are referred to as lenses when you watch the videos, these lenses frequently consist of dimensional reduction techniques and schemes to make the visualizations and the interpretations easy. The lenses are based on standard data analysis functions, geometry, topology, and modern statistics.

Are you asking if JCapper will begin incorporate simplicial complex summary creation? Or are you asking for a way to export and visualize JCapper data right now using the JCX export functions and open source tools. If you are interested in the visualization side I do quite a bit of that and would be happy to point you to the tools if you are technically inclined.

6:31:47 PM
Since I've been using the mlogit module in r to perform logistic regression on exported JCapper data - and since I've been working on my own TDA plugin for scoring shapes that appear in exported JCapper data...

I say go for it.

Feel free to post anything and everything related to TDA and/or visualizing exported data.




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