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By new brisnet website
11:03:45 AM
is anybody else having problems downloading files into jcapper., since they changed their website. rick
Do I need to change a setting in capper?

6:09:26 PM
Brisnet has changed their site.

With zero warning to us third party software developers.

Their new site prevents the Brisnet File Downloader I created for JCapper from providing a machine assist to paying Brisnet customers who have been using it all these years to download .mcp and .drf single format files from the Brisnet site.

I called them earlier today to ask if there was any way they'd consider making the previous download page available. They told me the answer was "No."

I also asked if they planned to enact similar site changes to Brisnet Supertote. Here, they told me the answer was "No BUT..."

They went on to explain that their plans are to eventually integrate Super Tote into the Twinspires site...

Meaning that after they make the planned site changes for Super Tote: If you have a Twinspires account you'll still be able to access Super Tote.

But players that can't have a Twinspires account because of state residency reasons... Texas, Utah, Hawaii, Gerorgia, and others, etc...

THOSE players are going to lose the ability to access Super Tote once they finish all of the planned site changes.

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

If you want to download their files - your best bet - for the foreseeable future - is to use a web browser.



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8:03:32 PM
So unfortunate. Just another example of why sport in trouble. Jeff- is there any manual solution here? For time being? Only way have ever accessed their data files has been through JCapper. Longer term solution seems obvious- ditch Brisnet and try out HDW flex plan. But would at least like to finish up year with them before deciding abt 2017. Thanks in advance.

PS. just saw your post abt web browser. Hate to ask but can you further spell this out not the most tech savy guy.

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~Edited by: Ishmael  on:  12/7/2016  at:  8:03:32 PM~

9:45:10 PM

"PS. just saw your post abt web browser. Hate to ask but can you further spell this out..."
--end quote


Use a latest available version web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, etc.) to visit the Brisnet site at:

After the page loads:

1. Click the Data Files link on the menu bar. (Or alternately click the Results link on the menu bar if you want .XRD files.

2. Click the Login link - and log into the Brisnet site. (You may have to update your password to a longer/more secure password as part of this step.)

3. Click the link to the type of Files you want to download.

-- PP Data Files Single appears to be how they are labeling the $1.00 DRF Single Format Data File.

-- Multicaps Data Files appears to be how they are labeling their .MCP files.

-- Exotic Results Files appears to be how they are labeling their $0.25 .XRD files.

IMPOTRANT: If you have a grandfathered in TSN unlimited monthly download subscription - I would recommend picking up the phone and calling them and confirming that the $5.00 Multicaps Files on their new site are in fact the correct files you should be downloading. DO THIS BEFORE downloading a bunch of $5.00 Multicaps Files.

Once you are looking at the correct page for the file type you want -- right-click the individual link to each file you want to download and save them one at a time to the desired JCapper folder on your hard drive.

4. From there, you'll need to unzip each downloaded file - and at that point you're set.

Hint: The JCapper File Unzipper should still work for the purpose of unzipping Brisnet files. (As would any other 3rd party unzip tool.)



3:58:01 AM
thanks jeff. I already had to sign up for a new acct. , and then downloaded some files. lots of extra steps . Also the scratch parser doesn't work.Once again. horse racing spits on its customers and treats us as an unwanted house guest. RANT OVER rick

1:15:52 PM
Thanks Jeff.

So true Rick. I mean they are acting like they dont want or need customers and that we dont have other options.

12:26:45 PM
Just a heads up that your credit card information will not be carried forward to the new site. One other warning; if you use AMEX, you'll likely get a transaction error. Seems to be an issue, I had to use Visa.



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