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By Email question about multiple sql factor setups
2:00:22 PM
From the email inbox:

"Think this is a quick question.

I'm often faced with wondering if there are factors outside of the 35 slots I'm using that would be good to add. What's the best way to build a 2nd db with those factors? Is it to copy my jcapper.mdb and then change the factors in each slot, then rebuild?"
--end quote

--my reply:

Great question!

Before I dive in... SQL Factor Setup is stored in the c:\JCapper\Exe\JCapper2.mdb file (not the c:\2004\JCapper.mdb file.)

That said - there are several different ways...

Single Machine Single JCapper2.mdb File Approach
Launch the Data Window, click Reset - and switch to PlayList File Mode.

When you run queries against the pl_profile.txt file in PlayList File Mode it's slower -- but you get to see those other factors.

You can even create a handful of simple PlayList File Mode UDMs and/or make use of Quick Index File Exports when using the Data Window in this fashion.

From there - every so often - I'll decide on a change in sql factor setup. After making the change I'll then rebuild everything. Takes me several days. But at the end everything's current and up to date.

Multiple Machine Single JCapper2.mdb File Approach
I have several machines sitting around. Some of them have JCapper2.mdb files with unique sql factor setups tailored for specific meets and/or times of year.

Pretty easy to stay in sql mode and see if my sql factor setup might be missing something.

Single Machine Multiple JCapper2.mdb File Approach
You could also maintain multiple sets of JCapper2.mdb files on the same machine - with each JCapper2.mdb file having a unique factor setup.

You just need a big enough hard drive so you can have multiple folders for the same time period.

Example: multiple yearly folders named c:\2016... c:\2016a... c:\2016b, etc... with each having its own set of 4 quarterly folders underneath.

From there I'll maintain multiple JCapper2.mdb files -- one per each yearly folder.

FYI, you have to be very careful about renaming JCapper2.mdb files (and renaming them back) prior to and after running a db build on any given folder.

FYI, my own preference is the Multiple Machine Single JCapper2.mdb File Approach over the others...

Reason is - eventually under the Single Machine Multiple JCapper2.mdb File Approach I'll make a mistake renaming a JCapper2.mdb file... and use it while building the wrong folder.

The multiple machine approach cuts down on that.



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