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By Medication labeled as y
12:23:40 PM
On WOX race #5 on 10/05, #2 Erie Breeze had medication listed as "y".

from the BRIS charts:
24Sep16«WO° 2 Erie Breeze "y" 6M 121 2 6 1¨ 1¨ 1 1¨ 2¨ Crawford J 7500 21.75

Any idea what this would be?


10:20:36 PM
These are the official medication codes distributed by Equibase to their data resellers (HDW, DRF, Brisnet, etc.)...

Medication Codes:
-Code -Description
B Bute
C 1st time on Bute
L Lasix
M 1st time on Lasix
A Adjunct Bleeder Medication

(No "Y" to be found.)

However, despite the fact that other than blinkers and bandages you hardly ever see the rest of these in the data... There is a "Y" in the Equipment codes...

Equipment Codes:
-Code -Description
2 Screens
3 Shields
A Aluminum Pads
B Blinkers On (Horse Data ONLY)
B Blinkers (Past Performances ONLY)
C Mud Caulks
F Front Bandages
G Goggles
K Flipping Halter
N No Whip
O Blinkers Off (Horse Data ONLY)
Q Nasal strip off
R Bar Shoe
S Nasal Strip
Y No Shoes
Z Tongue Tie

If I have to hazard a guess - I'm guessing no shoes.

I'll ask - and come back to this thread and post a correction if the answer isn't no shoes.



11:14:37 AM
The answer is (drum roll please).....

Y means No Shoes.

Without doing data queries -- Since 01-01-2010 I can make a ballpark estimate that my databases contain approx 270k thoroughbred races with approx 2.4 million starters.

According to Ron Tiller at HDW, during that same time period, there have been only 2310 starters listed in the Equibase data with an equip code of Y...

Which translates to (roughly) 1 out of every 1050 thoroughbred starters being listed in the Equibase data as racing with an equip code of Y or No Shoes.

My gut is telling me that 1 in 1050 seems low.

If what my gut is telling me is right (and I suspect it is) that would mean a LOT of equipment changes (not just shoes) aren't being picked up by track personnel and reported to Equibase.




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