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By Front Wraps for todays race
11:15:53 AM
Have been looking at results files and think "front wraps"
may be significant when worn in TODAY's race.

Where can I find this in the .jcp or jcapper2.mdb files?

Can I get this on the HTML report or on the pp's?

El Paso

10:38:42 PM
The .JCP file running line data for past races has a front bandages indicator...

fields 1136-1145
0 = No front wraps
1 = front wraps worn

That covers past races only.

I've asked several times over the years - and there isn't a front bandages indicator in the files (anyone's files) for today's races.

Each time I've asked I've been told it isn't announced beforehand when they draw entries -- that it's a data item (just like shoe type or medication) that the paddock judge and/or the chart caller needs to key into the system when the horses show up in the paddock on race day.

IMHO, the best way to know is to make your own notes on race day.

I've got plenty of notes data and "clear" (without the quotes) which is my own shorthand for a horse not wearing front wraps does provide an incremental boost to both win rate and roi over "wraps" (without the quotes) which is my own shorthand for a horse sent to post wearing front bandages.




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