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By Lengths Behind in Playlist file
11:52:06 AM
I'm looking in the Playlist file for the Lengths Behind the winner that a horse finished in Today's Race. Is it in there? I see lengths behind in previous 2 races, but not Today's Race. Thank You!

10:42:55 AM
Short answer: No.

It's not in the Pl_Profile.txt file.

Longer answer: It's not in the Pl_Profile.txt file because the Pl_Profile.txt file is based on results pulled from an .xrd file.

Sadly, .xrd files do not contain fractional times, position at fractional points of call, or beaten lengths (at any) points of call.

.Xrd files contain finish position, odds, and parimutuel payoffs only.

If you want fractional times and and beaten lengths - your best bet is to parse them directly from the HDW text chart results file.

Link to Field Mapping for HDW text chart results file:



1:03:48 PM
Thanks Jeff, not the answer I was hoping for - but I always appreciate an honest answer! GH.

7:37:11 AM
What is the file extension for the charts file and where can
we download them?

1:55:51 PM
If you are an HDW subscriber and you are downloading results: You are already downloading them.

Using yesterday's chart file for Saratoga as an example...

The full filename when it first arrives on your hard drive is: SAR0722F.ZIP

The filename has the following parts:

Track code: 1st two or three characters... in this case SAR

Month and day: next few characters... in this case 0722 which indicates month 7 and day of month 22 (or July 22nd.)

A letter to indicate the file type inside of the zip file... in this case F indicates that an HDW chart file is contained inside of the zip file.

From there, when you run an XRD file build routine - logic inside of the build routine unzips each file -- and extracts the HDW chart file inside of each file out onto the pointed to folder -- which (in almost all cases) is the same folder that you have persisted/checked as your current active data folder in the DFM.

That's where you can always expect to find them.

The filename for the July 22nd Saratoga HDW chart file itself is: SAR0722F.TXT (and it has the same parts/indicators as the zip file.)

If you copy an F.TXT to another folder -- and rename the copied file by changing the file extension from .TXT to .CSV --

You will find that (provided you have Excel installed on your machine) double clicking an F.CSV file will cause it to open in Excel.

From there you will find that the columns in the F.CSV file synch up (exactly) with the field mapping doc for the HDW chart file.

From there you have the ability to write your own macros, vba functions, etc. to parse F.CSV files - and get chart data into your own outside of JCapper data project.

--Important: Always copy these files to another folder - and do the renaming to .csv file - and opening the file in Excel part of things using the copied file (never the original.) That way you won't accidentally write something to the file that renders it no longer usable in JCapper.



~Edited by: jeff  on:  7/23/2016  at:  1:55:51 PM~


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