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By Parx trainer Preciado suspended 90 days for clenbuterol violation
1:45:07 PM article By Jim Dunleavy --
Top Parx trainer Preciado suspended 90 days for clenbuterol violation:

"Trainer Ramon Preciado has been suspended 90 days and fined $2,500 for a clenbuterol positive at Parx Racing on Oct. 24. Seventeenohsix, who finished second in the first race that day, has been disqualified from the purse money of the $5,000 claiming race.

Preciado's suspension is scheduled to begin April 7 and run through July 5. Preciado did not return messages left for him Friday.

Clenbuterol is a bronchodilator that has steroidal qualities and can help build muscle mass in horses. Clenbuterol is considered a Class 3 medication by the Association of Racing Commissioners International, which classifies drugs into five categories, with Class 1 drugs, such as opioids, being the most powerful and Class 5 the least powerful.

The clenbuterol positive is Preciado’s fifth of 2015."
--end quote

This is what I show for him in my current database (Jan 01 2015 through yesterday Apr 05 2016) broken out by track code:

query start: 4/6/2016 11:17:41 AM
query end: 4/6/2016 11:17:42 AM
elapsed time: 1 seconds
Data Window Settings:
Connected to: C:\Users\jeff\VBProgs\JCapper2.mdb
999 Divisor Odds Cap: None
AND [DATE] >= #01-01-2015#
AND [DATE] <= #04-05-2016#
Data Summary Win Place Show
Mutuel Totals 1209.00 1203.60 1131.60
Bet -1294.00 -1294.00 -1294.00
P/L -85.00 -90.40 -162.40
Wins 196 325 391
Plays 647 647 647
PCT .3029 .5023 .6043
ROI 0.9343 0.9301 0.8745
Avg Mut 6.17 3.70 2.89
BY TRACK sorted by Track Code Run Date: 4/6/2016 11:17:42 AM
AQU 16 0 0 0 0 2 0.125 0.3
BEL 4 0 0 0 0 1 0.25 0.3
DEL 7 4 0.5714 1.8862 1.5357 5 0.7143 1.1214
GPX 43 9 0.2093 0.6909 0.9023 17 0.3953 0.8372
KEE 2 1 0.5 1.6505 7.95 1 0.5 3.3
LRL 11 1 0.0909 0.3001 0.3545 5 0.4545 1.3727
MTH 19 2 0.1053 0.3476 0.4737 5 0.2632 0.7737
PEN 38 10 0.2632 0.8688 0.6868 16 0.4211 0.7118
PHA 503 168 0.334 1.1025 0.9792 272 0.5408 0.9646
PID 1 1 1 3.301 7.5 1 1 3.3
PIM 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
SAR 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
12 Track Codes from file: StarterHistory Table

In Pennsylvania and Delaware he's batting .3333 (183 for 549.)

Everywhere else he's batting .1327 (13 for 98.)

He gets his 5th clenbuterol positive and the Pennsylvania Racing Commission gives him just 90 days.

What are we bettors supposed to think about this? (That the Pennsylvania Racing Commission is trying to send a message?)



10:56:13 AM
just saw your thread on drugs in racing now, as I am not really "into" horse racing until the derby rolls around.
the slap on the wrist goes on in every segment of our society it seems. if you play by the rules your are competing at a disadvantage.

10:15:29 AM
Sadly (to my way of thinking) Preciado filed an appeal and was able to get (not a judge) but the horsemen controlled Pennsylvania Racing Commission to issue a stay - delaying the suspension.

Link to article here:

According to the article at the above link:

"Last weekend, Preciado was notified by Parx management that he would no longer be allowed to enter horses at the Bensalem, Pa., track. He also was told he was being ruled off and that as of April 16, he would no longer be allowed on the grounds.

Pfender appealed Preciado's ejection to the Pennsylvania Commission on Friday afternoon and on Saturday said that Preciado had been granted a writ of supersedeas, or a stay of legal proceedings. Preciado is now allowed access to the track and can care for and train his horses. Parx is not accepting entries from him."
--end quote


"Preciado is a controversial figure at Parx, where he has been the leading trainer the past two years. He wins at a high percentage and has a record of improving horses he claims from other trainers.

Preciado is 28 for 89 this year, a 31 percent win rate. He is 23 for 51 at the Parx meet, which began Feb. 27, a 45 percent win average, and leads the trainer standings by nine wins.

With his final starters at Parx, last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, Preciado won nine straight races in which he had an entrant."
--end quote

If what I think is going on is actually going on: Where's the incentive for anyone in racing to play by the rules?



~Edited by: jeff  on:  5/5/2016  at:  10:15:29 AM~

1:51:59 PM
The Parx racing commission has spoke loud and clear with this ruling. I feel so strongly about there action that I would love to participate in a boycott of there racing until such time that there decision is reversed. Something has to be done to show these people that the betting public as a whole will not tolerate these types of infractions any longer.

8:56:23 PM
Here's the thing that's really wrong with Pennsylvania racing:

The annual slots subsidy handed over to Pennsylvania tracks and horsemen dwarfs their revenue from current handle by a wide margin.

Because of this - handle doesn't matter - not one iota - to management at Pennsylvania tracks (both thoroughbred and harness.)

Handle doesn't matter to the Pennsylvania horsemen. They get to run for grossly inflated purses. (Purses that wouldn't exist if they had to rely on revenue from their own handle.)

Based on their actions over the past several years: Handle certainly doesn't matter to the horsemen who thanks to a recent change in state law are now in charge of the Pennsylvania Racing Commission.

I'm actually in full agreement with you Mike.

In my opinion: If any racing jurisdiction deserves a boycott it's Pennsylvania.

However, I'm also convinced that a boycott - even a boycott with near universal player support - will not change things in Pennsylvania one single bit.

In my opinion even if revenue from handle were reduced to zero the Pennsylvania horsemen would just continue operating the same way - business as usual (for them.)

So how do you hit them squarely between the eyes?

I think the only way to do that is to take away their slots subsidy.

In my opinion: Their actions since being granted their slots subsidy have been nothing short of reprehensible in every way.

30% trifecta takeout and track execs crowing to the press that they see zero evidence that takeout matters - all the while the curve representing their revenue from handle slopes ever more sharply downward...

And in 2014 when revenue from handle had fallen to the point to where they could no longer fund the budget of their own racing commission...

Rather than use some of the slots subsidy to fund the budget of their racing commission - their "solution" was to fund the racing commission budget by lobbying for a change in state law that implemented a 10% ADW tax (source market fee.)

And when that didn't work because the only thing accomplished was alienation of their remaining die hard every-day players and acceleration of their previously unacceptable downward sloping revenue curve...

Their "solution" in 2016 was a new state law that reorganized the racing commission and put the horsemen in charge of it - effectively allowing them to... no wait, allow me to use the phrase they used while lobbying for the new statute itself: "self regulate."

My comment upon reading the new statute for the first time: "Ughh."

FYI, in no way shape or form am I surprised upon seeing the trainer named in the above linked to article win the last nine consecutive races in which he had entries before he was to have been ruled off the grounds... a ruling by the way that has since been stayed by the very horsemen who are now allowed to "Ughh." "self regulate."

In my opinion: These actions suggest they were never worthy of a slots subsidy in the first place.

In my opinion: A social media campaign calling for the Pennsylvania Legislature and Governor to redirect the $250M (or so) annual slots subsidy away from racing to a more worthy cause such as Education or roadways, etc. could be highly effective.

Maybe an online petition started by Pennsylvania horseplayers.

As it catches on, at some point the general public becomes aware of how the Pennsylvania horsemen have for years misused the slots subsidy by insisting that ALL of it go to purses while abusing the public with 30% trifecta takeouts (35% harness) - and all the while doing almost nothing to punish what appears to be blatant cheating.

The day the general public catches on and starts calling for the Pennsylvania Legislature and Governor to spend the slots subsidy on something other than racing...

That's the day the Pennsylvania horsemen are forced to rethink their ways.

I think THAT's how you hit them squarely between the eyes.



~Edited by: jeff  on:  5/6/2016  at:  8:56:23 PM~

11:16:46 AM
An update...

by Ray Paulick | 05.24.2016 | 8:11am
Six Preciado Horses Disqualified From Parx Victories After Testing Positive For Clenbuterol:

"Six horses trained by Ramon Preciado have been disqualified from victories at Parx Racing in March and April after each of them tested positive for the bronchodilator clenbuterol.

Preciado, the Bensalem, Pa., racetrack's leading trainer in 2014 and 2015, already was facing 270 days in suspensions for positive tests for clenbuterol in October and November 2015."
--end quote

Read more at the link:




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