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By udm for wet trck
1:42:02 PM
How would I put together a UDM that would flag a horse who is the best win% in the mud or wet track. I have tried the search section and no luck thanks.

11:53:14 AM
Here's a link to an older thread - where relevant background info is posted:

From a nuts and bolts standpoint:

Any and all factors found on the supported factors page at are fair game in tkcond UDMs... just like they'd be in any other UDM.

Provided you already have a handful of tkcond UDMs at the ready... Once you notice a change in tkcond has occurred for a card you are playing today... you bring up the Manual Changes Module (not scratch bot) and set track condition for the races of that card from the default (ft/fm) to the actual tkcond (my, sy, gd, sf, yl, etc.)... and from there get your tkcond UDMs to fire by running a Calc Races for that card.

If you don't have already have a handful of tkcond UDMs at the ready - and want some ideas for tkcond UDMs - I've had success in the past doing R&D in the Data Window using:

1. Sires and damssires whose offspring outperform when the going is off.

2. Individual riders who excel when the going is off.

3. Prevailing track bias early vs. late as well as inside path vs. outside path (railposition stats) can be drastically different on some track surfaces when the going is off.

4. Trip Notes -- there's always a gem or two to be had and horses run worse (or better) than expected today because the going was off today -- and they show up 4-6 weeks from now and the going isn't off.



12:49:55 PM
Just getting caught up on the board and your post prompted a question. Do we need to change surface condition manually? I thought that was done through the equibase feed. If not, I've really been missing that aspect, especially since many of my UDM's are track condition specific.

1:21:02 PM
I always change track condition manually.
If you use HDW track parser then it takes races that go off turf to dirt and defaults to fast. Then if dirt is off you have to manually make that change.
Hope that makes sense. Jeff may add to this if necessary

1:32:54 PM
I just use the scratches and changes bot, and I know it changes to off, but now that I think about it, I think I do need to manually make that change.

Wow, that's going to have a major impact for me.


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