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By Display factor not on html report
11:06:17 AM
From the email inbox...

"Q. Jeff, can you tell me how to display factors that aren't on the 'out of the box' html report?

For example every time I look at a key factors report CMI consistently does well at a couple of the track codes I play.

So I'm interested in knowing CMI rank but that factor is missing from the report. Both versions I might add: playlist and sql mode.

--end quote

My reply:

Instructions for Playlist File Mode:

The playlist file mode html report layout is hard coded into the program.

Unlike the SQL Mode HTML Report layout that can be customized, other than the handful of settings available on the User System Definitions Screen, the user doesn't have the ability to add or remove factors from the report layout itself.

That means your best strategy for getting CMI rank (or rank for any factor supported by the program that's not part of the report layout) onto the report itself is UDMs.

Suppose for example you wanted to make the report flag horses that are rank=1 for CMI.

That's very easy to do. Simply create a rank=1 CMI UDM like this:

  1. Launch the UDM Wizard - and on the opening screen check the Create New UDM box and click NEXT.

  2. On the UDM Creation Template Screen - give your UDM a name that describes what the UDM is all about. Something like "CMI_Rank=1" (without the quotes) works for this purpose.

  3. On the UDM Creation Template Screen - select Markup Characters from the drop down that will make the UDM stand out when it flags a horse on the html report.

    Note: For example purposes I selected markup characters H07 from the drop down - which will render the UDM with a bright blue highlighted background.

  4. Click the NEXT button to navigate to the Modify Existing UDM Screen.

  5. On the Modify Existing UDM Screen - select the factor you want to work with from the Factors Drop Down.

    Hint: In this case your factor is CMI.

    Hint: The drop down itself responds to keystokes. Open up the drop down and by the time you key in "CM" (without the quotes) the drop down should jump ahead to "CMI" (again without the quotes.)

  6. On the Modify Existing UDM Screen - check the Test Box to activate the factor you are working with and key in the parameters for the factor constraints that you want.

    Hint: Here you would key a "1" (without the quotes) for min rank and a "1" (without the quotes) for max rank.

  7. Finally, on the Modify UDM Screen - click the SAVE button.

  8. That's it! - At this point you can click the Exit button (or alternately X-out of the UDM Wizard) and from there run a Calc Races.

When you are done your Modify Existing UDM Screen should look like this:

Horses that are rank=1 for CMI will now look like this on your playlist file mode html report:

Instructions for SQL Mode:

The SQL Mode HTML Report can be fully customized by the user.

Here's a link to a 4 part web tutorial covering this topic in some detail:

That's it!




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