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By A Heads Up - Canterbury - Sat July 18 2015
11:42:58 AM
Received the following email from Ron Tiller at HDW:

"Canterbury Park is having another Battle of the Surfaces on Saturday July 18th, where they run a dirt and turf race simultaneously as one race.

This is a partial quote from an Equibase notification:

"Please note that in the Canterbury file for 7/18 race 6 is the 'Battle of the Surfaces' race. This race is actually two simultaneous races which will be charted as races 11 and 12, wagering will be on race 6."

I remember this from last year and I recall it was a problem. It is probably impossible for any program in existence to correctly handle this. I'll relay any further information I get.

--end quote

Canterbury is having another gimmick race like they did last year.


Last year I looked at doing some programming to handle this - and decided it wasn't worth it because Equibase didn't distribute the odds of the horses in the race at the end of the file that was designated as the chart for the two fields combined.

In the end I deleted the results file - which in turn prevented the race card from making it into my database.

I'm leaning towards doing the same this year (but will wait to see what the result file looks like before making any decisions.)

FYI, here's a link to the thread from last year:



6:18:21 PM

Thanks for the heads up...

Can/will you give us more info on what transpires after Ron has the file to give us..

I'll try not to build this when I get it..



9:16:26 AM
I downloaded the zip file that contains the HDW Chart file for CBY 07-18-2015.

From there I extracted the HDW Chart file out onto a separate folder, changed the file extension from .txt to .csv, and opened the file in Excel so that I could see what was inside before including the file in a Build Database routine.

Race 6, which was where all of the runners for the special event race were listed in the data file is missing from the chart.

Race 12 is where all of the runners for the special event race are listed in the chart file. But once again, just like last year, Equibase (not HDW) failed to include the odds for the runners in the special event race.

That said, I proofed the other races in the HDW chart file and everything checked out.

From there:

1. I included CBY0718 in a normal .XRD file build routine - which ran without error to completion.

2. I included CBY0718 in a normal build database routine - which also ran without error to completion.

3. I launched the SQL Data Window and executed a sql expression where track='cby' and [date] = #07-18-2015# while displaying individual starters - and was able to verify that all starters on the CBY0718 card for Sat 07-18-2015 in races 3-4-5 and races 7-8-9-10 (these are the thoroughbred races for the day) made it into the database in a normal manner.

Bottom line:

Go ahead and download the HDW Chart file for CBY 07-18-2015 and process in a normal manner. Everything except the special event race should make it into your database.



9:18:46 PM

Thxs Jeff


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