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By Super Tote
3:28:16 PM
Has anyone else having problems with Super tote. For the last few days it is running a few races back. If it is the 4th race the live tote is showing it is the 2nd race. Any ideas. Thanks

2:09:36 PM
The problem is at Brisnet's end.

I can verify this by bringing up the Brisnet SuperTote site with a web browser.

It's currently about 5:22 pm Eastern time Sat 04-18-2015 as I type this.

After logging into SuperTote and selecting AQU-GPX-HAW-KEE-PIM as my filve tracks, here's a link to a screenshot of what the site looks like in Chrome:

Hint: If their site is lagging several races behind in a web browser, apps like The Live Play Module that display their site are going to lag too.

There really isn't anything I can do other than contact them - which I did. FYI, they were aware of the problem and working on it.

EDIT: An update Sunday 04-19-2015 3:09pm Eastern... fingers crossed. Their site appears to be working today.



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