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By Importing group names
4:43:21 AM
Jeff could you point me to the video for importing group names, specifically an individual group name that contains my uprs from a saved MDB file. thanks rick

11:56:23 AM
While there's a video for importing data from one c:\JCapper\Exe\JCapper2.mdb file to another, I don't recall making a video for importing UPR GroupNames from one c:\2004\JCapper.mdb file to another.

That said, the procedure is basically the same: You bring up the imports interface (in this case by clicking the Import GroupNames launch button which is located on the ImpactValues Table Wizard screen.) You select a source database file and a target file database file. (In this case the source file is the JCapper.mdb file where the GroupName(s) you want to import are located and the target is the JCapper.mdb file where you want the GroupName(s) to end up.) After selecting a souce file and a target file you execute the import routine by hitting the "GO" button.

Here's a link to an older thread where I posted the steps for performing an Import GroupNames routine:

"IMPORTANT - read all the way through to completion before actually doing it.

To Import UPR GroupNames from a source JCapper.mdb file to target JCapper.mdb file:

1. Make a backup of BOTH the target JCapper.mdb file AND the source JCapper.mdb file just in case.

2. Click the Import GroupNames button in the IVTable Wizard. It's located in the lower left hand area of the screen.

On the Import Screen you'll be presented with options for selecting both a source and a target .mdb file.

There's also a checkbox labeled Prompt and Import Single GroupName. Check this box when you want to import the entries for a single GroupName only from your source .mdb file into your target .mdb file.

The "GO" button on the module remains disabled until you've made valid selections for source and target .mdb file. Once you've selected a source and target .mdb file the button becomes enabled.

Verify your source and target .mdb files and hit the GO button.

The Import GroupNames procedure decribed above is a table import. It is not a one record at a time append import like is found in the UDM Wizard when importing UDMs. This routine simply replaces the ImpactValues table in the target .mdb file with the ImpactValues table from the source .mdb file. If you have table entries for GroupNames in the target file that do not exist in the source file, these WILL be overwritten and lost if you run a full table import.

The way to ADD or APPEND table entries from the source file to the target file is to check the Prompt and Import Single GroupName only box and import GroupNames that you want to transfer from the source file to the target file one GroupName at a time.

If you want help with this and/or are worried about screwing it up call me and I will talk you through it.

In all cases it is a VERY good idea to make backups of the source and target files first."
--end quote




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