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By Post order in PP's
5:40:41 PM
Sometimes the post order in my PP's shows up out of order. It's occurring randomly, unless there is some setting I'm not aware of, and is not related to entry horse position either.

As an example, the 5th at Fingerlakes today my the order on the PP's went 6,7,8,9,10,12, 1,4,5. But they went to post in numerical order in this race.

Joe M

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12:07:16 PM
The horses in the PPs should be displayed in gate draw (or railposition) order from the rail out.

In theory, this is the same order as they appear in the data file. But this is not something I have control over. (We are relying on Equibase to disseminate the data with the horses listed in gate draw order.)

You asked about settings.

If you are operating the program in playlist file or text mode: There is no setting. The horses should be listed on the html report and the pps in the same order.

If you are operating the program in sql mode, you do have the ability (on screen 5 of the factor setup wizard) to persist a sql order by clause that gives you control over how the horses are sorted on your html report.

Link to screenshot showing persisted (Default) sql order by clause that sorts horses on the html report by gate draw or railposition:

Link to screenshot showing persisted (modified) sql order by clause that sorts horses on the html report by JPR rank:

However, after spending about 20 minutes looking at the vb code used in the PPs Generator, this setting does not appear to have any effect in determining order of appearance for horses on the pps.

Operating the program in sql mode, using an HDW .JCP file, and generating PPs after importing scratches, the gate draw or railposition order of the horses in the race is: 1-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-12. (Before posting I verified this by watching the race replay just to make sure that's how they were loaded into the gate.)

Here's a link to my PPs report for the race you mentioned - Fri 09-19-2014 FLX R5:

FYI, scratches and entries can and will impact what we expect to see. Often the 1 and 1A will have gate draws that would put those horses somewhere else in the gate other than the 1 and 2 hole. The 1 might draw the 1 hole but the 1A might draw the 8 hole. If the 1 scratces out, everybody moves 'in' one slot leaving the 1A in the 7 hole.

Q. Are you sure you and I are talking about the same race? (Fri 09-19-2014 FLX R5?)



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