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By HDW Scratches File - Fri May 16 2014
11:14:19 AM
Received the following email from HDW a few minutes ago:

"On May 16, 2014 at 11:36 AM Ron Tiller wrote:

No scratches in the scratches file today - we are in the middle of processing over 150,000 quarter horse transactions from Equibase that will take all day to process. Nothing we can do about it. Somebody somewhere did some quarter horse workout changes that caused a massive number of replication transactions.

Results will obviously be late as well.

--end quote

To which I made the following reply:

Thanks for the heads up.

Probably doesn't impact my guys as much as others.

JCapper customers can parse the xml directly to pick up scratches, races off the turf, and changes in race dist.

--end quote

So a heads up is in order today...

Use the XML Button in Scratch BOT.

It's your best source for picking up scratches and changes in a timely manner.




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