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By Odds in UDM
1:51:03 AM
Is it OK to put Odds in a UDM?

When I review my UDM's I usually add Odds >= 2.5. I rarely bet horses less that 5/2 and find the win percentage is distorted because of the high win percentage of horses that go off below 5/2. Rather than add it every time I do work in the data window I want to add it into the UDM.

Does the UDM just ignore it because the odds are not known or does it actually mess things up and not pull any horses? I have added it to a couple UDM's and I have not seen either generate a play since. I don't know if it is just because there hasn't been a play, or if it is because adding in the Odds criteria prevents the UDM from pulling anything.



9:28:03 AM

Yes...adding "odds" in a UDM will render it useless in future calculating because it is a "unknown" factor until the race is over.


What you can do is enter it in the "Betting Instructions"
I have some where I wrote

Bet Over 4-1 and use a conditional bet with your service( If they have it)

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~Edited by: Caveat  on:  3/22/2014  at:  9:28:03 AM~

10:33:10 AM
Link to an older thread where you'll find a definitive answer:

"Q. I have a UDM that will only show where it hits after the play in the Data window when "show individual plays" is used. It has never shown up in the html reports but is pretty active in the show plays. It is active in the wizard, any ideas...

A. Does the UDM have odds and/or results based factors as part of the UDM definition?

If so, that'll work in the Data Window because when a db build routine is run the odds are pulled from the chart file and written to the db... The UDM works in the Data Window because the odds are known in the Data Window.

However, on race day when the Calc Races button is clicked, the Profile Marker has no way of knowing what the odds and/or results based factors might be. When the Calc Races button is clicked everything odds or results based has a value equal to zero - and UDMs using odds and/or results based factors as part of the UDM definition will not flag any horses.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

AND OR3 >= .80

If the UDM definition contains lines of sql similar to the above...

You'll need to remove that part from the UDM definition if you want the UDM to "fire" when the Calc Races button is clicked.

Hint: After removing the the above odds based sql from the UDM definition... Paste the following into the BettingInstructions field:

Odds MinRk4 MinVal4 OR3Min.8

And then when you see it displayed on the reports you'll know at a glance what conditions need to be met before pulling the trigger."
--end quote



11:53:59 AM
Mike, Jeff,
Thanks. I could not find the answer on the message board. You have saved me a lot of trial and error time to correct it.




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