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By HDW Text Chart Results Files - HAW
10:43:41 AM
Beaten lengths and fractional times in the Equibase data for yesterday's opening day card (Fri Feb 21 2014) at HAW failed one or more "reality tests" HDW uses to catch obvious errors.

As a result - and until such time as Equibase can correct the data - the text chart results file for HAW Feb 21 2014 has been delayed. (You'll know the data has been corrected when HDW publishes the file.)

FYI, this was an ongoing problem at HAW last fall - one which reared its head again yesterday (opening day) at the HAW spring meet.

Expect HAW results to continue to be posted late, as I do not want HDW to post known bad data and then force users to have to constantly monitor for corrected charts and then jump through hoops to figure out how to correct things on their end.

When Equibase figures this out, you will know, because HAW results will start going up in a timely manner.



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