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By Missing Factors in SQL Data Window
4:42:07 PM
I am missing some factors in the SQL Data Window such as:


Do I need to add them in or replace something to access them?


5:15:02 PM
In addition to the data fields that are "native" to the StarterHistory Table as shown in the Table Schema Doc, the interface lets you customize the SQL Factor Setup with 35 factors of your own choosing.

Here's a link to a 4 part web tutorial... Using the SQL Factor Setup Wizard to create and persist entries that define the sql factor setup and customizable sql mode html report layout:

Here's a cut and paste that I posted in another thread (7th post down from the top) about the thought process that goes into choosing your 35 carefully:

""Hey, I hear what you are saying.

When I first started out using SQL Mode, I had this fear that having only 35 user defined slots to work with was going to limit what I could do in a big way.

That fear turned out to be without merit.

I'll try to explain...

Armed with a set of multi-colored pens and a box of paper DRFs (complete with charts) - if you pop open the first DRF from the box and then handicap the races in the first card in a thorough manner - and if you use the pens to circle the many different data points that catch your eye...

And if you repeat this same process for say a couple hundred race cards...

A few weeks into the project and you will have circled thousands of data points.

But if you step back and look at those many different data points in a big picture way - you will realize that all of them - everything that you circled - can be categorized as fitting into just a handful of major areas (or schools) of handicapping thought.

Off the top of my head those areas are:

Early pace, late pace, ability from speed figs, class, form, abilities of the human connections, and misc things such breeding, track profile, suitability for the distance, etc.

My experience has been that so long as each of the major areas is represented in my sql factor setup - there is very little reason to worry about what I don't have.

I have the ability to make the factor setup give me the best factors in the program for each of the major areas...

That translates to: Factors that I don't end up having will be of lesser/secondary importance.

Here is the thought process that went into my own sql factor setup:

The best of each major area? That's easy. The Consensus factors: EarlyConsensus, LateConsensus, FigConsensus, ClassConsensus, FormConsensus, and PowerConsensus... These, imho, are must haves.

From there you'll want at least one secondary factor in each of the major areas: CPace, CompoundLate, CFA, RaceStrength, FormRating, and QRating and/or JPRClass would be must haves as well. (If you are JRating enabled, include that in with this bunch.)

Rounding things out, it might be wise to to include some misc areas... How about CompoundPaceFit, CXNRating, Pedigree, WoBrill, and UserFactors 1-5?

At this point I've only used 22-23 of the 35 available slots...

Yet each of the major areas is now well covered.""
--end quote



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