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By race volatility
7:03:59 AM
Since I changed to hdw in march 2013,(over 40000 races) there has not been 1 race with RV over 110, and only 1 >100. When I used Bris between jan - mar 2013 , there were many races>90, and 1400 races >100 out of 2400 races. Since I use RV in a lot of my udms, it may partially explain why my r.o.i. is headed in the wrong direction. Could anybody using bris run a 2014 or 2nd half 2013 query on Rv over 100 and post the results? Anybody have any ideas-- And Jeff , what do you think? PS I did a search and didn't find any answers. thanks rick

2:40:43 PM
RV exists on a completely different scale in the HDW world than it does in the Brisnet world. (This is by design.)

The following is a quote from a post that I made about Scaling Differences and programming JCapper to handle HDW Data in the HDW Beta Testing Group thread on 2/23/2010 at 3:00:52 PM:

"Scaling Differences
Numeric value for HDW E1, E2, Late, and Final Time figs can be much higher than the numeric values of the counterpart Bris figs. As a result, factors such as RaceVolatility, PaceIndex, PctE, WFig, TPace, PaceFig, Bris10, Bris3, PaceLine, RaceStrength, ClassRating, etc. can have higher values too. Users switching over to HDW will need to revisit numeric value and gap cutoffs in their UDMs before using them for live play."
--end quote



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