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By Have a couple of issues?
3:16:52 PM
Made my new 2014 folder for this year and made my first database build in mode 4 and then after a couple of issues did another build in mode 3.
The two problems I am experiencing is after I load a card and go to my XML scratch bot i get the following message:
Totecodes table not found in your c:\JCapper\Exe\JCapper2.mdb file.
Without this table the Live Tote links in Scratch BOT will not work as designed.

The second problem occurs when I Calc races when I get the following message:
2147217865 The microsoft jet database engine cannot find the input table or query "Starters Today". Make sure it exist and that it's name is spelled correctly. Microsoft Jet Database Engine

I guess I'm just missing something that is probably real simple.

3:43:59 PM
From the sound of things my first best guess is that the JCapper2.mdb file you are using has become corrupted/hosed in some manner or has exceeded 2.0 gigabytes in size. (Error messages about missing tables never a good sign.)

Q. If you navigate to your c:\JCapper\Exe folder and right click the JCapper2.mdb file there... What is the file size?

Let me know and we can go from there.



9:18:07 AM
If I'm correct it says 8.41 MB

10:13:10 PM
The most likely symptom(s)/indicator(s) that you have a bad JCapper2.mdb file are: various error messages as you attempt to perform basic program operation.

The most likely cause of a bad JCapper2.mdb file is: exceeding the 2.0 gigabyte file size limit (see above.)

I've seen a lot of strange things happen after a JCapper2.mdb file breaks the 2.0 gigabyte file size limit.

Among them are:

• Random error messages that do not relate at all to the specific routine(s) the user is attempting to run at the time the error message is rendered.

• Missing tables. I've seen a handful of instances where the user sent me the file itself using a service such as WeTransfer. After receipt of the file and upon inspection - I discovered one or more tables had been dropped from the file... rendering it useless of course.

I've not researched the intricacies going on inside the db driver leading to lost tables once a bad .mdb file is encountered or once the 2.0 gigabyte .mdb file size limit is broken.

The important thing to know is that the file itself is bad - rendered useless - and that means it's time to recover from that event.

For relevant background info read the entire linked to thread below... For recovery strategies (in detail) - See the posts I made earlier today in that same thread:



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11:40:38 PM
Had enough for today. Will get back at it tomorrow. Ughhh.

7:13:11 AM

For what its worth....

Why don't you just start from the start....and rebuild from scratch

I have taken snapshots of all my UDM's and saved them somewhere safe....

Saved the 2 jcapper excel files....

Then I cleaned out all my data folders leaving just the zip files, jcp files, and xrd files in each folder..

Then deleted all the other folders including the program itself..

Installed JCAPPER...

Then rebuild..

It takes a number of hours , but I feel much better afterwards.



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