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By Key Factor Report
11:19:20 AM
Key factor report

Is there any way to change or add to the Key Factor list?

I would like to add: Owner, Sire, Siressire, Dam, Damssire, Trainer and Rider.

These are the ones were I change the name to something I can filter on within J/Capper

That is, I filter for the type of horse (within Excel) that meets my criteria, Put them into another Excel program that will change the name within the .JCP file to whatever I wish.

I can change the name to something like, AES1 for Sire, for all that qualify. This way when working within J/Capper I can enter AES1 in filter field for Sire and be sure only the horses that I want are included in the UDM.

Works great!

It would be helpful to me, to see at a glance, which one works best with another factor set, when I run the Key Factor Report.



1:55:58 PM
My suggestion - if you want to do most (or more) of the heavy lifting from inside of JCapper - would be to incorporate a sire list (the same thing applies to dams, damssire, and siressire too) into a SQL UDM (repeat sql not playlist) and run the SQL UDM through the Data Window with the data broken out by Key Factors Report.

Here are the steps:

1. Run a Data Window query with the data broken out BY SIRE.

Note: Before doing this you should be VERY aware that there are 1000's of individual sires in any sizable database and for that reason executing a query with the data broken out BY SIRE is going to take a while - possibly a LONG while depending on the query executed, capabilities of your machine, size of database, etc.... FYI, it is VERY likely this is the type of thing where you begin query execution - walk away from your machine - and let it take several hrs to execute.

But once finished the Data Window will display your results broken out by SIRE (for several thousand sires.)

More importantly - the Data Window will also have written the by sire results to the SampleSummary table in your JCapper2.mdb file - where you can get at the Data using The Name Selection Tool.

2. Compile a sire list. Just like a trainer list - the procedure is laid out here in this Multi Trainer UDM thread - separate your individual sire names with a dash character.

3. And just like the procedure for doing the same thing with rider and trainer names in sql mode, paste your sire list (or dam list, etc.) into an INSTR expression and add it that to the sql expression driving your sql UDM. Also be sure to check the Auto Format OFF box so as to avoid having the interface reformat your sql expression in the event one or more of the names in your sire list contains the "AND" characters (without the quotes.)

4. Run the UDM containing your sire list back through the Data Window with the data broken out by KEY FACTORS REPORT...

From there you should be be able to tie your by sire driven results to the JCapper factors driven results as displayed in the resulting Key Factors Report.



3:06:07 PM
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the instructions. Looks like it might be more trouble than it is worth, but I will give it a try and see how it works.




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