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By HANA BLOG - Night School Town Hall Recap
7:17:06 PM
Last night I was one of the panelists invited to be part of Night School's Town Hall chat where the topic was "How do we improve racing?"

Link to my write up on the HANA Blog:
HANA BLOG - Night School Town Hall Recap



Charlie James
12:24:29 PM

It Looks like you pissed off Steve Byk. He mentioned you by name on his show Tues nite -- 1st hr segment about 11 minutes in -- and not in a good way.

He likened you to a guest at a wedding who tells everyone the food was bad and the bride was ugly.

Trouble is, when it comes to racing -- THE FOOD IS BAD and THE BRIDE? SHE'S NOT MUCH OF A CATCH THESE DAYS.

I say if the status quo isn't working -- and clearly it's not -- then someone needs to find the courage to tell it like it is before it's too late.

Apparently, none of the cheerleaders on that panel -- and sadly -- none of racing's many suits drawing a 6 figure paycheck are willing to do that.

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